For the Love of Gel (part 1) – Gel Cream Eyeshadows!


Am I slow on the uptake, or why hasn’t Gel Cream Eyeshadows NOT taken off before!?  They’re 24 hour wear – tested & true (woke up with it still on after a night out and forgot to wash my make-up off!) AND they’re easy to put on!

To apply, I use my wedding finger so lightly put on and so I can control how/where I want to build the colour.  Go right up to your brow if you wish, be careful if you are using darker colours and when colouring in your brow, as this could look a bit drag queen-ish.

Below I used a Gold Gel Cream eyeshadow, with blue metallic eyeliner to create a fun, festival-type look.


But of course you don’t have to go too crazy – below is a Brown/Bronze colour that could be used as a daytime look.


Gel Cream Eyeshadows could also be perfect to use as a base when creating the ‘smokey eye’ look, and layering powder shadows above it.

As I’m not rich beyond my wildest dreams, I brought high street’s Maybelline Gel Cream Eyeshadows, which are a modest £4.99. I couldn’t see any of the same type of eyeshadow from Rimmel or Maxfactor etc but hopefully they’re working on their own versions right now!

Products I used:

Maybelline New York: Colour Tattoo 24hr By EyeStudio Gel Cream Eyeshadow (Eternal Gold)

Bourjois Paris Regard Effet Metallise Pencil Eyeliner (Bleu Clinquant)

Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Mascara (Black)

Rimme London Professtional Eyebrow Pencil (Dark Brown)

Maybelline New York: Colour Tattoo 24hr By EyeStudio Gel Cream Eyeshadow (On and On Bronze)

Rimmel London Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil (Jet Black)

Next post in series:  Gel Eye Liners!


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