Bourjois Paris – Smile Enhancing Gloss


I can get really excited about Two-in-One make up items – like I did when I saw Bourjois’ Two-in-One teeth whitener and lip gloss!  But then after buying Two-in-One products I usually become disappointed in them too, which unfortunately has not changed since I brought this.


Step 1 is a teeth whitener effect gel which you paint onto your teeth.  Looking around in boots after my discovery I could not see another teeth whitener product under make-up, let alone with one being teamed up with lip gloss!  (Cue the excitement.)

Although I found it to work on freshening your breath with a minty flavour, I found it made no difference to my teeth’s whiteness.  Bummer.

BUT HELLO STEP 2!  I rarely buy lip glosses because just a hint of the colour comes through, which then easily wears off.  But c’est magnifique Boujois!  The colour is really strong and stays put (for a bit anyway, all lip glosses will need to be re-applied throughout the day!)


So it is worth buying if all you’re buying it for is the lip gloss, and a breath freshener.  Not for the teeth whitener gel.  That, you can go to the Dentists for – if you’re willing to spend some serious cash on your nashers.



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