For the Love of Gel (part 2): Gel Eyeliners!

I am SUCH a big fan of the new Gel Eyeliners!

I’ve always been a fan of liquid eyeliners for years, with my make up bag never being without one. So when makes such as L’Oreal, Rimmel, Maybelline brought out their own this summer I had to try one!

And I’ve been using it ever since. Although I do still mostly use my liquid eyeliner for every day make up, if I’m going out in the evening I reach straight for the gel liner – it has GREAT staying power AND gives a more professional look.

They can be tricky to apply and get used to – but I heard some really useful tips from (my beauty guru) Sali Hughes which I use every time.

1) Don’t whack on the gel eyeliner straight away, draw a line as close as you can to your eye lid with a eye pencil (black or brown…doesn’t really matter. I use brown so I can see where I need to ‘paint’ on the eyeliner).


Split your eye into two halves when doing this. When drawing from your outer corner into the middle, draw inwards. When drawing from your inward corner to the middle, draw outwards (hope that makes sense!)

2)  Second part is easy!  Just paint on the eyeliner how you want it to be (paint outwards, don’t split your eye into two sections as before!).  I always do a flick on my eyeliner, as I dig the sixties look.  Some girls can get really creative with their flicks but I haven’t mastered this art yet.  If I do… I’ll let you know!


Et voila! Tres irresistible.


Now that they’re becoming more popular there’s some brands that are daring to release different colours!

I recently brought this, sort of, electric blue from Avon. Not usually a fan of Avon make up this looked like fun so I brought it! The texture is not so easy to play with as the L’Oreal liner I used above but the colour still shows up brilliantly.



Eyeliner’s used:

L’Oréal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza (Pure Black)

Avon SuperShock Metallic Gel Eyeliner (Shimmering Sapphire)

Next in the series: who knows!  Perhaps gel mascara will be the thing of the future!


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