Revlon – Grow Luscious Mascara

Here we go! My first review for a Revlon product and actually my first ever Revlon mascara I’ve brought.

I was a bit excited about this because I’ve grown to like Revlon a lot, mostly for their lip stains and lipsticks and I am yet to venture through their blushers, eyeshadows, foundations and, today, mascaras!


This is what it looks like, it actually comes in a plastic covering which I’ve never had before – another first for me!


I thought it was worth noting (and taking a picture of) the back of the packet which says:  “Plumps lashes instantly.  For maximum volume apply 25 strokes by sweeping brush upwards from root to tip.  Let dry and repeat.  Tapered brush uniquely fits eye’s contour, coating every lash to plumped perfection.  Ophthalmologist tested.”

25 strokes?!  Then repeat – that’s 50 strokes altogether!  I thought this sounded excessive but for the sake of the review I decided to give it a go.


Here’s the shot of the mascara out of the packet, as you can see a nice green packaging, nothing too exciting.  The brush tip is a little longer than average, thin and not curved.  I usually think this type of brush is good for getting to the little lashes, even if you have to focus on them entirely alone and good because there’s less mess!  (ie. thicker brushes can leave marks around your eyes, particularly when applying to lower lashes if you haven’t had a bit of practice and a steady hand!) but I’m doubtful whether this type of brush can really ‘plump’ up my lashes.

Below is a picture of my eye with no make up whatsoever (ahh so naked!) and a picture after applying 25 strokes, waiting for it to dry before giving it another 25 strokes – struth!


As I hope you can see, it has dramatically lengthened my lashes, just like little spider legs!  However I would debate whether its done anything to ‘plump’ them up. I think the 50 strokes is still excessive and has actually made my lashes more stiff and clumpy looking, so I won’t be employing that method again.

Application was smooth and there was plenty of mascara on the brush already, so I felt like it didn’t really need any further strokes after the first 5-10 (let alone 25!)

My conclusion:  I don’t think my lashes look more voluminous than what any other mascara can do, but they’ve definitely been lengthened, very spindly.  To acheive a more natural look don’t lather your lashes with constant strokes, this can make your lashes clump together and look dry – almost like you need to replace your mascara!

I think Rimmel London Scandaleyes Lycra Relfex may still be on top for the search of the perfect mascara…

Other products used:

L’Oréal Paris Superliner – Black Crystals

SEVENTEEN Waterproof Eye Colour – Truffle (used very lightly)


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