Nivea Visage – Gentle Facial Wipes for Dry & Sensitive Skin

I rarely use make-up wipes when removing my make up because they are so vile. They leave my skin feeling horrible and encourage spots to surface. I can’t count how many times I’ve read beauty columnists preach on how never to use them either, but since traveling I can’t carry around my usual bottle of baby oil and cotton pads to remove my face, so I’ve had to use various brands of these skin care wipes.

But hallelujah!  After binning a cheap make-up wipe brand because it gave me at least three spots using one wipe, I decided to give Nivea’s Daily Essentials a go and chose the type for dry and sensitive skin (which I must have.)

These really are the best make up wipe I have ever had and I am never looking back.  Exactly what it says on the packet it really does remove all make-up, without leaving weird black smudges around your eyes like most others do.  I also wake up with no black/grey make-up residue around my eyes where a make-up wipe hasn’t managed to clean off everything.

A lot of other brands can cause my eyes to sting after use and yep you’ve can guess it – these wipes don’t burn my eyes or skin, at all!  Seriously, I am so happy I brought these.

If you have to use make up wipes for a holiday, going away or a music festival then get these!  They don’t even make your skin all crapey and old-lady-ish.  Well done Nivea, I salute you!



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