Rimmel London – Scandal Eyes Rockin’ Curves Mascara


Right, I’m back in the UK and I’m kicking off a new post with one of my favourite British make-up brands Rimmel London! Take that as a warning – a lot of Rimmel London make-up reviews will be posted on here for as long as I live.

I love Rimmel mostly because their products are great and have an even better price!

I feel you don’t have to spend too much on a mascara to get a good one either – another good reason we should be glad high street brands exist!  But anyway, on with the show…


Yet another hideous picture of my bare and naked eye sans make up! You may have noticed my eyebrows and eyelashes have been tinted (although it’s a bit creepy if you did…) and you’d be right! Another review of a beauty treatment waiting for a review which I will post in due course.


And here’s a pic of the wand. Now I’m going to add here I wasn’t a fan of the packaging for this mascara, I thought it looked a bit tacky and well, naff. But the other mascaras in the Scandeleyes range don’t have exciting or chic styling either and they’re still good so packaging doesn’t prove anything. New saying, don’t judge a mascara by it’s cover, eh?

Also seeing the word “curve” I believed, for some reason, the wand would curve whilst being used, you know whilst you were actually painting your lash with it. But it doesn’t, it just comes already curved..



Which, as you can see above, I didn’t think worked that great. The other wands for the mascaras in the Scandeleyes range are thicker, a lot thicker that it’s almost daunting at first, but this really plumps up your lashes with volume. Rockin’ Curves has a nice ‘fanning’ out effect, but this isn’t really what I want in a mascara.

Sorry Rimmel, this new mascara isn’t for me!


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