Nude lipsticks are so underrated!

They seriously are!

And to prove it, I shall post about it.


So here I am – apologies for the large picture size, I do hope it doesn’t scare you off, the purpose was really to show you how the nude lipstick adds to your face!

I honestly think, teamed up with eyeshadow and blusher, a nude lipstick can lighten up your face just that extra bit more. Ready for some close ups?


I did try and avoid the gormless expression by closing my eyes… anyway, you can now see this light pink, but natural coloured, lipstick ties in my eye, blusher and foundation make-up altogether – locking things down, you might say and making me looking as fresh as a freshly picked daisy!

I think most girls avoid nude lipstick, or even daytime lipstick wearing, because it can feel heavy to put on and I agree with that, it does feel you’re inching that one step further over the thin line of looking  “pretty but effortless” to “whoaa too much effort step away from the lipstick!”

But nude lipsticks really don’t jump out at you like your popular ruby reds and hot pinks usually reserved for Saturday night, although I still love them too.

Another point women might try to make is nude lipsticks are, well, pointless!  Their argument being they rub off too quickly and you’re left with your natural colour anyway and thus, they are a waste of money.

To those fusspots I challenge you to replace your tub of vaseline or whatever you may use to top up your lips during the day to a nude lipstick with added moisture;

Like the lipstick I’m wearing here which is by L’Oréal Paris in their Color Riche Boosting Serum lipstick range (which basically means it’s a moisturising lipstick!)


There’s a little moisturising serum part in the middle, a different colour, look closely.

L’Oréal are really great at having a good colour selection too, for all skin colours.  If you’re my skin colour the one I’m wearing here is called “Freshly Rosy” – quite apt don’t ya think?

Choosing a colour is also easy, I think everyone knows the colour nearest to their own lips and dare to go a shade brighter or lighter, depending how you feel.

Et voila!  A great look for work, a job interview or just a stroll down the park.  £8.69 from your local Boots.


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