Sally Hansen – Nailgrowth Miracle


I miss a lot of things about traveling, but one thing for sure I’m missing is how fast your nails grow!

If you don’t know by now; it’s a little well-known fact sunshine makes your nails and hair grow at a faster rate than what they do if you live in a cold country which doesn’t get much sunshine i.e  like England!!

So when I’m here, which is probably for now until forever, every time I paint my nails I use this ^^ Sally Hansen’s Nailgrowth Miracle.

It’s just like a nail varnish, same consistency, packaging, brush etc which you apply the same way as you do by painting your nails and it can be used as a base coat.

The directions on the back of the bottle say to apply every other day but I don’t think this is necessary – I just apply every time I do my nails by using it as a base coat and I honestly feel my nails growing longer that tiny bit faster and becoming stronger because of it.

It’s a bit pricey, £9.99 in most Boots stores but they are usually in with the beauty offers (3 for 2, buy one get one half price etc), plus, it really is heartbreaking when you break one nail and have to chop down all the rest!

I’ve been back for a month now and haven’t had one break since I’ve started to use Sally’s miracle stuff again!

Hooray for nails!


Nail varnish worn: Missguided Splash & Polish (which I got free with Cosmopolitan!)


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