Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting

Right okay, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post I have had my eyelashes and eyebrows tinted and will be posting a review shortly (here it is!)

Being fair-skinned, fair-haired which above all gives me fair eyelashes and eyebrows; I have always held a secret jealousy of brunettes and their wonderfully natural dark brows.  It just looks so glamourous, a classy Hollywood edge (see Elizabeth Taylor below, serious brow envy) with their natural mascara dark eyelashes too.

So I’ve tried eyebrow pencils and eyebrow kits and of course I’ll always wear mascara and these do work for me but I couldn’t shift that jealous pang – until I heard about eyelash and eyebrow tinting.


Elizabeth Taylor (corr look at those brows!)

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting is basically dying your eyelashes and eyebrows, usually a darker colour.  A choice of colours is available to you depending how dark you want to go and how to match the tint to your skin tone.

So, for your brows you can have a medium to dark brown and for your lashes you can have plain black or black mixed with blue or brown – it’s up to you.  Your beautician should be able to advise which colour will be best if you’re not sure.

For fairskin types (like me!) tinting both your lashes and brows can have quite an impact and can feel make you feel like you’re wearing eye make up when actually you’re in the buff (in make -up terms, of course.)

The process is just like dying your hair; the tint (dye) is applied carefully by a beautician and when the colour begins to show through she washes it off.  Which brings me to my before and afters…


Here I am on the left, fresh this morning with no make-up whatsoever (oh the trial and tribulations of being a beauty blogger!) and on the left is me this evening, post-tinting, again no make-up.

The power of darker brows adds definition to your face, I feel it just pulls everything altogether, especially when applying your usual daytime/evening make up (which I haven’t done here, I just wanted to show you the bare tinting basics.)

This will last 4-6 weeks, until your eyelashes and eyebrows grow out.  The tint does go lighter in a few weeks time, but still looks perfectly natural.

To fair skin and haired ladies: it can be quite a shock when you first get this done, especially if you’ve gone from blonde eyebrows to dark brown.  Don’t fear, you’ll get use to them.  Sometimes literally just after you’ve had them done they can appear blocky, like Groucho Marx, this is simply because some tint is still on the skin between your eyebrow hair.  My advise is when you get home apply cleanser and rub gently with a flannel.  The tiny residue is wiped away and you’re then left with your natural brows but just darker!

Don't follow brow advice from Groucho..

Don’t follow brow advice from Groucho..

I seriously recommend this to anyone with fair lashes and brows – it’s great to do if you’re about to go on holiday, you’re into a lot of sports so therefore can’t wear a lot of make up, have sensitive skin, or just like having darker brows and lashes (that’s my excuse.)

Most beauticians will shape and wax your eyebrow too, probably at an extra cost of a few quid, which is another thing I’d recommend doing.  These ladies are paid to do this job so trust them!

Before getting this done make sure you ask for a patch test – if your beautician is a decent beautician she will insist on this anyway!  A patch test is putting a small amount of the tint on your skin, usually behind your ear, to see if your skin has a reaction to it. I have sensitive skin but I have no problems with tinting, so it is suitable for most skin types.

20140620-210111-75671753.jpg 20140620-210111-75671613.jpg








If you do have a reaction talk to your beautician to see if she has any other tints for very sensitive skin.  Don’t just go ahead with it anyway, your eyes can puff up, affect your sight and cause pain and discomfort – it’s just not worth it.

Whilst the tint is being applied it doesn’t hurt, however you can experience a little stinging sensation which isn’t anything to worry about and it’s nothing unbearable.

So that’s it! My eyelash and eyebrow tint costs me around £18, which may vary in different places but should be around the same price.

Mine lasts for about 4/5 weeks before I can visibly see my eyelashes growing out (they become blonde at the root!)

However, at 6 weeks I feel my brows are still a shade or so darker than my natural shade so I go for a top-up.

Probably my longest beauty post to date and I hope I’ve got everything covered.  Has this persuaded you to go for some tinting?  Or are you already a self-confessed tinting addict?  If you’ve got any questions feel free to comment.

You can get at-home tinting kits too, although I haven’t tried these I’ve not heard many good reviews about them.  Have you tried these, what do you think of them?

Cara Delevingne - the brow queen of our times..

Cara Delevingne – the brow queen of our times..


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