How to get rid of Red Nail Varnish stains

Ahh… Red nail varnish, it always looks so classy, timeless and stunning.


Until you you remove it and oh my god the stains it leaves just won’t budge on your nails or your skin!  Disaster.


Example (can look worse than this!)

Well thanks to a little tip from my mum, there’s a way to get rid of red nail varnish (or any other colour) which stains like this and doesn’t involve lemons, lemon water, toothpaste or buffing them away to oblivion.

What you will need (as pictured below):

Bowl (or you can use a sink)

Washing up liquid



I’ve included an extra picture of the “brush/scrubber” item (above right) because I actually don’t know what the official technical name is for this thing.  If you don’t have something like this you can pick one up fairly cheap in Asdas, in either the kitchen or bathroom section, then tell me what it’s called.

Anyway, what I do is fill my bowl (or sink) with warm water and add washing up liquid so that the water is soapy.

I wash my hands with the soapy water then proceed to scrub my nails with the brush.


It doesn’t really matter which way you scrub, sideways, up and down or circular – just scrub!  Try and get plenty of bubbles in the edges of your nails where the red varnish tends to be hard in getting off when using just cotton wool and nail varnish remover.

If a stain is particularly stubborn I leave my hand submerged in the water whilst scrubbing.

Et voila (end result)


Sparkling clean and clear nails ready to be painted with another coat or two of new colour!

It’s worth noting here if you apply a base coat before painting your nails then this can dramatically reduce your nails and skin being stained by any colour of polish.

Have you tried this before or have you got a different, better, technique to remove stains?  Please comment 🙂

(The red nail varnish I was wearing is by Rimmel London in colour 315 Ready, Aim, Paint!)


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