Avène Cicalfate – Antibacterial Repair Cream


It’s about time I started posting and reviewing the skincare products I use on this blog (and testing new ones when I get money to buy them!)

Starting it off then, I’ve decided to talk about an Avène cream I brought a while ago now, whilst I was on holiday in France, or Nantes to be precise!

I was actually in the pharmacy to find a coldsore treatment (ick, I know, but I’d just returned from a very wet and very cold music festival that weekend and felt quite run down) and the lady I spoke to didn’t know much English.   I tried my best in French, which goes as far as “la bouche” (my mouth) and pointed to the area around my lip which was infected.

However, at the time, I did suffer from acne (and yes I’ve wrote suffer because I really did, like any other acne sufferer will know!) and I had a lot of redness and sore sports around my mouth and jaw.

I think she must have thought I was speaking about this, instead of the coldsore, because although it helped my coldsore slightly it was like a miracle potion for my acne redness!

It felt lovely to put on and I could really feel a “calming” effect on my acne and it reduced a lot of my redness – so I started using it for that instead and have kept it a few years since!

You can see my tube below is a bit crumbled now and unfortunately there’s “04 2014” imprinted on the top of cream, which I’m guessing is its used by date, so it’ll have to go in the bin.  Although luckily, I don’t suffer from acne anymore and so I don’t tend to use it so much now, but for any of those reading that do – honestly, this is a really great product!

The best ‘cure’ for acne still remains to be a certain type of antibiotic you can get from your doctor, which completely cleared up all of mine, so I really urge anyone with acne to get down to your GP stat!  The antibiotics can take a month or two to kick in, regrettably, but in the meantime this cream can really bring the soreness down gradually and reduce its appearance by taking away the redness.  I wholeheartedly recommend it!



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