Sleek i-Divine – Au Naturel Palette


Hi everyone! Feeling quite chirpy today which has given me plenty of energy to post another review!

Thanks to Clare from Clare’s Beauty Blog (another great blogger from the UK who I insist you follow!) I was not only introduced to Sleek make up but the wonderfully cheap; Sleek i-Divine eyeshadow palettes.

Pretty much as soon as I read her review I was looking on the internet to order my palette and ended up ordering two! Haha.

I got mine from who were doing a buy one get one half price offer, but you can pick them up quite cheap on Amazon too, in case you’re interested.

Anyway, this palette, named ‘Au Naturel’, is supposed to be a bit of a dupe of Urban Decay’s Naked 1 palette, which is almost 400% of the price of a Sleek palette and for someone like me who has come back from traveling, and thus desperately poor, sounded like a bargain not to be missed.


There is sort of a front cover, as you can see above, which made me feel like I was opening one of Willy Wonka’s chocolate bars wondering if there’s a golden ticket inside! There wasn’t, of course, that was just a joke.  Ahem…

On the back of this cover I really liked that it gave you tips on what colours to mix from the palettes and where.  The top row of colours are mostly base colours and sadly not all of these are highly pigmented, I use Honeycomb the most.  See swatches for this row below.


You can barely see Nougat or Nuback (first two) but the following four are okay for base colours.  You do need to rub your finger, or eyeshadow brush, in the shadow then apply to your eye and repeat a few times to build up a noticeable colour.  But the bottom row, as you can see from the swatches below, are way more pigmented and you can pick up a lot of colour from just one swipe.  These are also for smokey eyes, of course, or a socket colour, which you can blend the base colours with.

I mostly go for Honeycomb, as my base colour (all over my eye lid), Taupe on the inner corner of eyes (to widen and open, just like the packet advises) and mix it up with either Moss, Bark or Mineral Earth on my eye socket.  I’ve not ventured into using Regal, a dark mauve colour, or Noir yet, but I know I could easily use them when I start going out socialising (down the pub) again!


So there you have it, for a price of £7.99 (under a tenner!) I still think this is such a bargain for at least 10 colours that will stick around all day.  I really like that you get a mirror too, I had a Rimmel London palette like this once, which was only available at Christmas when you spent over a certain amount on Rimmel and you’d get a eyeshadow palette free.  This was a few years ago now and they haven’t done it since and I don’t know why!

Eyeshadow palettes such as these saves money for those who can’t afford the expensive palettes from mid to high range brands, like Urban Decay, and I can’t understand a reason why more high street brands haven’t gone into this.

Saying that, I still lust after that Urban Decay palette, but in the meantime this Sleek palette will definitely do me for now!


9 thoughts on “Sleek i-Divine – Au Naturel Palette

  1. Love the Sleek palettes, the top row of this ones really disappointing though. Great post, can’t wait for the review of the Oh So Special palette!

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