How to remove glitter nail varnish (easily)


Glitter nail varnish.  Looks fantastic once you’ve loaded it on (and on and on… ) Which is the annoying thing about it, the fact it needs multiple layers upon layers, but for those of you that’s been there you’ll know all too well the real annoyance actually comes when you go to take it off.  I know.  I feel your pain.

It swears some people off glitter varnish for life and just looking at the picture above can bring them out in an all-out huge cringe attack.  But there is an easier way, oh yes!


What you will need:

Nail Varnish remover (I use Sally Hansen’s)

Cotton Wool

(A hairband if you’re feeling lazy)


All you need to do after you’ve dampened your cotton wool with the nail varnish remover as usual is hold it, yes hold it, in one place, on your nail, for at least two minutes.

And that’s it.  But I have got a lazy method involving a hairband too if you can’t be bothered to hold it for a whole two minutes or more, and that is: take one of your hairbands and tie it around the cotton wool which is wrapped around your nail (picture below):


Looks a bit weird yes, but trust me, if you leave it for at least two minutes (longer if you like) then untie the hairband and wipe the nail off with the cotton wool like usual and I promise you most of the glitter will come off with it, in one smooth movement.

No sticking to the cotton wool and no tearing it to shreds.  It will come off in one wipe.

What if there’s still some glitter on your nail?  Give it another wipe and the rest will come off as easily as normal non-glitter varnish does.  And that’s all there is to it!


I think this is the easiest method, have you tried it?  Or have you got a different method?  Or maybe you’ve never tried it before, sworn yourself off glitter nail varnish but now want to give it another chance and more importantly give this removal method a go?  Whoever you are and whatever you want to say feel free to comment!



10 thoughts on “How to remove glitter nail varnish (easily)

  1. I love glitter nail varnish but it does shred cotton wool to pieces trying to get it off! Hahah. I might have to try the band techniques – I’m usually too impatient to wait any longer than about 10 seconds! ❤

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