Sleek i-Divine – Oh So Special Palette


I’ve read it a million times but a mixture of pinks to mauves are supposed to enhance green coloured eyes, like mine, so I decided to order the Oh So Special palette by Sleek, alongside Au Naturel which I reviewed previously on this blog.  (I do think pink shades on brown eyes look great too!)

I’ve had a Boujouis trio set of different pinks I’d worn regularly so I was quite looking forward to trying this one out.

First impressions I noticed there were more shimmery shades, which might scare a few girls but look less daunting and quite flattering when they’re actually applied.

The back of the cover advised what shades to use and where and the first tip says: “shades Bow or The Mail can be applied on the eye lid as a base for every look.”  However, I was a bit disappointed with these two shades because, as you can see from my swatches further below, they were the least pigmented in the palette!


Even with re-applying and trying to build up the colour, they came out a bit weak.  But you could say the high pigment of the other shades make up for this, as you can see.

There are few colours very similar to some in the Au Naturel palette such as ‘Wrapped Up’ being the same mauve-like colour as ‘Regal’ and of course ‘Noir’, which they haven’t bothered thinking up a different name for a black shadow in this one.  I got to be honest it felt a bit of a cop out at first, but I guess it makes sense for girls who are perhaps turned off by the natural, almost gold-like tones, in the Au Naturel palette and prefer pinks.  So, no biggie.


Overall, I think this palette is okay and I don’t regret buying it, but I wasn’t as impressed as I was with the Au Naturel palette and I use it one far more than this one.  Sorry if that disappoints a few but let’s face it; twelve eyeshadows for under a tenner is still such a bargain and how much I use this one can change in time when different shades become in trend again.

Like I said on my previous Sleek post however, that Urban Decay Naked palette (1, 2 or 3!) is still looking like the greener grass and might be a future purchase for me when I eventually get a job!


5 thoughts on “Sleek i-Divine – Oh So Special Palette

  1. I have the Naked 2 palette (mostly because the cooler tones work better with my skin tone), and it was a bit of a investment but I’ve had it for a couple of years now and only my very most loved shades even look like they’ve been used. They really are worth the hype! I do want to try a Sleek palette though because I have heard good things in general.

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