I won a Liebster Award!


Hi everyone! I’m so pleased I’ve won a Liebster Award – big thank you to Clare from Clare’s Beauty Blog who nominated me and who I’ve recommended you follow before so make sure you check her out.

For anyone who’s not aware this award is about recognising blogs who have under 200 followers to try and show them some love!

“Liebster” is also the German word for “favourite” or “dearest”, so by nominating someone for a Liebster Award, you can show some appreciation to bloggers that you like.

The Rules:

-First Post 11 random facts about yourself.

-Then, answer the 11 questions that the person who nominated you will post.

-Finally, choose 11 new blogs with under 200 followers for their Liebster Award, notify them that they have been nominated, and think of 11 questions for them to answer!

11 facts about me

1. I’ve just returned from a Gap Year where I traveled round Asia and Australia.
2. In Australia, I did a Great White Shark Cage dive!
3. My favourite high street make up brand is Rimmel London.
4. I wear a mixture of perfumes but at the moment I’m mostly wearing DKNY Pure.
5. I am a David Lynch fan and I am currently watching Twin Peaks.
6. I don’t drink caffeine.
7. The pressed powder foundation I wear at the moment is Dior Forever Compact Flawless Perfection Fusion Wear (a bit of a mouthful and a product I STILL need to review!)
8. For liquid foundation I currently wear Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation (really good for sensitive skins and yet another product I need to review)
9. I have two other blogs – yes two!  Check them out by clicking on the ‘other links’ page on the top of this blog!
10. My biggest beauty inspiration is Kate Moss.
11. I’m a Journalism graduate, currently unemployed, please hire me!  Haha


Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging in university to try and keep up to date in current affairs (surrounding journalism) and to practise writing.  Now it’s grown into reviewing music, film, beauty products and travel writing!

Where did your blog name come from?
My blog name for this blog is really uncreative and I need to change it.  My other blog names have more panache; I am Small but the World is Big came from me actually being quite small (5 ft 2′) – go figure – and it having a ring to it.  Love, Revenge & Bicycles was three different themes put together from the most recent world cinema films I’d seen (which were The Consequences of Love, Old Boy and Bicycle Thieves)

What’s your favorite of your own blog posts?
It’s got to be my Justine Frischmann post on I am Small but the World is Big – it gets so much attention and that post seemed to write itself!  But on this blog?  I’d say maybe Nude Lipsticks are so underrated!

How do you find new blogs to follow?
New beauty blogs aren’t hard to find and follow – you can find them through comments or under nominations when other bloggers post Liebster Awards!  Finding other blogs, like travel or music blogs, are a bit trickier…

Would you ever stop following a blog? And why?
I have unfollowed a few blogs if I’ve not found their posts interesting or appealing to me – sorry!

What is your opinion on commenting on blog posts?
In beauty blogging it’s essential – it’s like one big conversation!

Name one author whose books you will always read? 
Ian McEwan!  That was easy, next question..

If you could recommend one book for another to read, what would it be and why?
That’s a tough one…  Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks, really makes an impact on what your thought was your opinion of World War 1.

What is your most anticipated read of 2014?
Sali Hughes Pretty Honest – she is my beauty/make-up guru and I can’t WAIT for this!

Who is your favorite designer?
Dior, I think, I always seem to be drawn to their dresses without realising that they’re the designer.

How do you pick your outfits?
Living in England means I pick my outfits by what the weather is doing!  But whatever it’s doing I always try and remain comfortable yet stylish.

My nominees

Beauty Beth
Glesni Beauty Blog
Beck in a Blog
Life of a Student

Okay I’ve tried to keep things beauty based – in the 11 facts about me, my answers and who I’ve nominated!  (This is why I’ve only nominated 6 people – other beauty blogs I follow have way over 200 followers so sorry I can’t include you!)

The questions I want to ask are mostly the same as above with just a few changes (to keep it blogging and beauty based!)  Here they are:

Why did you start blogging?
What’s your favourite of your own blog posts?
What’s your favourite blog post someone else has published?
How do you find new blogs to follow?
What’s the best ever beauty/make-up advise you’ve heard?
What three beauty products could you not live without?
What’s your favourite beauty brand and why?
Can you remember what the first beauty product you’ve ever brought was?
What was the last beauty product you brought?
If you could recommend one book for another to read, what would it be and why?
How do you pick your outfits?

Thanks for reading 🙂


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