Happy National Lipstick Day!


That’s right!  It’s National Lipstick Day and to celebrate here is one of my favourite lipsticks!

It’s not a high-end product, like my previous Dior praising post, oh no in fact it’s a Rimmel London lipstick you can get for under a tenner!  Brilliant.


I have worn Rimmel London’s Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick in shade number 12 time and time again – it’s my staple red

Not too bright, not too dull, red with orange hues, I feel like this lipstick goes with everything.  It’s really great for pale skin too, like mine, where some very rich red colours can look too dominant.

I love it.  What’s your favourite lipstick?  What’s your favourite colour to wear?

Today is the day I’ve also changed the name of my blog to Lipstick & Eye Candy.  Hope you guys like it!  Tell me what you think and once again Happy National Lipstick day!


Hooray for Lipstick!



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