Revlon – Nail Art Sun Candy


I love that Revlon have released these 2-in-1 nail varnishes!  They are so overdue since the nail art explosion that’s been happening in the last few years and I honestly can’t believe no other brands have thought of it first and still haven’t followed in Revlon’s footsteps.

Anyway, I know they’ve been out a while but I’ve only just got my hands on one.  There are 6 different varieties in the Revlon’s Nail Art collection, the one above is from the Sun Candy range, which means the two varnishes you will get is a colour and a glitter to compliment each other.  The colour above is called Lava Flame – which is such a great colour – other colours available are quite bright and fits in with the summer-time theme, needless to say.

There is a similar colour and glitter combo called Moon Candy, which have darker shades and give more of a cosmic feel.  Other ranges such as Chalkboard, Expressionist and Shiny Matte, include two colours but one side will have a thinner brush to allow you to create your own nail art on top of the other colour.  There is also a Neon set which all include a base white coat colour to make the accompanying colour really ‘pop’.  Some of these are limited edition so be quick if you want to snap them up!

Speaking solely for Sun Candy above; the application is nice and smooth, dries quickly and the glitter isn’t too gloopy – which more importantly is easier to get off unlike other glitter nail varnishes!  (I know many girls are put off by glitter nail varnishes because they are just a nightmare to get off – but check out my post How to remove glitter nail varnish (easily) – it really works trust me!)

I will be buying more of these and reviewing the other ranges when I get my hands on them!  After all my nail varnish art posts are lacking…  Have you tried the other ranges I mentioned?  What did you think of them?  Hope you enjoyed reading!




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