Rimmel London – Fix & Perfect Pro Primer


This product was my first ever primer, brought not too long ago considering, but reading up on some beauty journalist’s blogs, websites and whatever it sounds like the first round of primers were completely pants so thankfully their comeback has packed some punch this time!

But for newbies; a primer is basically a cream you put on your skin, post-moisturiser and pre-foundation, to smooth the surface of your skin and to prolong your foundation.

This product, at £6.99 from Boots, seemed to do the job for me and I really noticed a difference when I applied it before foundation – my skin did look smoother, naturally and so I didn’t go without it, it firmly found its place in my make-up routine.

However, since I’ve tried a different primer (review soon – and it’s from a high-street brand!) I’ve found Rimmel’s formula is actually too thick in consistency and it feels a lot to put on, especially in the heat.

So, since my new discovery, I don’t think I’ll be going back to this particular Rimmel product and well, I’m considering chucking it!  Sacrilege for such a self-confessed Rimmel fan, but sorry guys, there’s better ones out there for around the same price.

Plus, anyone know why it says ‘002’ on the front?  Any reason?  No?



10 thoughts on “Rimmel London – Fix & Perfect Pro Primer

    • Yeah my skins the same! I thought it was okay at first but now I’ve tried different it feels too thick and maybe a bit stiff when applied? Haha I’m not sure if I’m explaining myself well..

      • Well then it’s probably best that I leave this one alone then!
        I use the Smashbox hydrating primer, the Laura Mercier radiance primer, or the By Terry Hydra-Powder. All great for my skin type but would be nice if there was a more purse friendly option too!

      • Ahh I want to try that smashbox primer, always hear good things about it. Is that quite thick then? Have you tried the Rimmel one? If so are they around the same consistency ?

      • The Smashbox Primer is a lightweight gel that disappears quickly into my skin. It’s not thick and heavy at all but it really makes a difference to the longevity of my makeup without making my skin cry out for moisture.

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