Clarins Paris – Pore Minimizing Serum


I brought this serum a few years ago on my first trip to a Clarins counter!  I was actually on the search for a new foundation, but, I will leave that story to another review…

I had acne at the time and it was increasingly making me depressed about the way I looked.  For some reason, I especially remember my pores being quite exposed around the time, which added to my sadness and whilst testing out new foundations I asked the friendly sales assistant what I could do about them (I was quite the beauty amateur back then!)

She showed me this and allowed me to try some.  I was literally amazed, one little blob on my pores and they were gone!  I never knew this was invented and whoever invented it deserves a bloody award – I was totally sold and have been using it ever since!

It smells healthy and feels good to put on my skin.  I don’t use it everyday, thus is why it has lasted so long, but I always apply some when I’m going full hog of make-up (eyes, foundation, blusher, everything) and on days where my pores are particularly bad (tired, hungover, you get the picture.)

You put it on before moisturiser and after cleansing, day and night if you so wish, I only do in the mornings!

Et voila!  (Must stop saying that…)  Pores are gone.


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