SEVENTEEN – Waterproof Eye Colour


This was another little purchase when I first saw a Boots in four months whilst in Bangkok (other post here SEVEENTEEN – Va Va Voom Mascara).  My other eyeshadows I’d packed traveling with me had separated to dust on the countless bus, train and plane rides across Asia and this colour duo quite attracted me.

As I’ve said about SEVENTEEN before; I don’t usually go for any of their make-up because their market audience is quite obviously teenage girls but if you can get over that hurdle they’re just another, somewhat colourful, extension of No. 7!

Apparently Waterproof, although I got to admit I can’t say I’ve tested this, the colours come out a nice strength, can be built up and last for hours when applied!  The lighter of the two could even be worn alone, as an all-over lid colour with a flick of eyeliner.  (Becoming a big fan of nude shades recently.)  This duo is called ‘Truffle‘.


However, I have some bad news – I’ve just checked on Boots’ website to see what other colours were available to provide information on this blog but it appears they’re not for sale on there?  Was this just a Thailand release?  Have they been discontinued?

I really don’t know but I’m going to show it off to you anyway and I’m pretty sure other eyeshadows in the SEVENTEEN brand are just as good, if not better.  You can either get them in trio pots, or solo colours.  So don’t knock off having a peek next time you’re in Boots, it might surprise ya.



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