Clarins Paris – Skin Illusion Natural Radiance Foundation


This foundation was the first after many high-street liquid foundations which made me fall back in love with liquid foundation – bit of a mouthful!

I can’t remember what it was that took me to the Clarins counter in the first place but I’m so glad I did.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I did suffer with acne and the friendly sales assistant who was applying the foundation to me at the time explained; Clarins specialise in skincare and use many natural ingredients in order not to affect the skin (they probably all say this) thus not aggravating my acne further.

This foundation in particular includes mineral and natural plant extracts, as it says on the bottle and feels gorgeous, with a smell to match.  It was actually the first liquid foundation which felt ‘refreshing’ to put on – that may sound weird, but if you’ve only worn high-street foundations then get a free sample now and go see what I mean!









Coverage is light to medium, as I’ve said before I don’t know how I feel about full coverage and as you can imagine a foundation that includes “natural radiance” in its name does have a slightly dewy and glowy finish, which is why I wear this foundation the most when I go out or go to weddings etc and why it has lasted me a few years now.  But overall the finish looks lovely, smooth and natural.  There’s not too much sparkle I ensure you.  Sealed in with 10 SPF protection, it’s also a perfect colour match for me!

Costs around £27, which might sound steep to some but is still below average price of many higher end foundations out there and is available in most Boots so you can stack up a big chunk of those advantage points!


I usually apply with a real techniques liquid foundation brush and blend until everything looks even and natural.

I can see (as you probably can too) I am running low on this foundation and I would definitely recommend it and would buy it again in the future… But, the only reason I won’t be rushing to replace it after there’s nothing left is simply because curiosity gets the better of me and there are many other liquid foundations out there I want to try! (I’m drawn to Yves Saint Laurent at the moment.)

What about you, have you ever tried this or any other Clarins foundation?  Or if not, what is your favourite liquid foundation – I am open to any recommendations!

Thanks for reading.

IMG_0531 IMG_0532


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