Rimmel London – Wonder’Full Mascara


Rimmel London bring out a new mascara and there goes my “I shall not buy any make-up until I’m paid” promise.  But this was really inciting – if you haven’t seen the new ad for it yet, starring gorgeous Georgia May Jagger, than have a watch below, it’s been a while since Rimmel London have pulled out a “big-gun” advertising campaign for one of their products which only speaks to me in one sentence – this must be good.

The other factor which reeled me over to the Rimmel London stand in Boots this morning is a particular ingredient in the mascara’s formula and it’s main selling point – Argan oil.

That’s right Argan oil has been added in with this mascara – why?  According to Rimmel, their ‘secret weapon to full volume’ contains Argan oil to kill clumps and leave leashes feeling smooth and conditioned.

Argan oil has been big news for hair products the last few years so when I saw/read this I was immediately interested.  Surely the eyelash hairs can benefit from the same successful ingredients the hair on the top of your head does, I pondered.

First off I’ll get this out of the way – I love the packaging, it really sums up in colour and design a middle-eastern (where Argan oil originates) sort of glamour.

Next, I’m really impressed with the brush.  It’s actually very bendy and flexible, like how I thought the Scandaleyes Rockin’ Curves mascara brush was going to be.  I’ve never had a mascara brush like this before…



The wand itself is pretty simple and there’s no real difference here, it’s thin much like their Lash Accelerator mascara brush and when applying to my lashes there were no clumps.  Whatsoever.  Which is quite uncommon when trying a new mascara loaded with too much product that then gets tangled up in your lashes.

So that’s a bonus.  Next I do admit my lashes felt light and when going over my top lashes for a second coat there was no sticking either – could this be the effect of the Argan oil?  As for the flexible brush, I don’t think it made much of a difference and didn’t really ‘shape’ to my lashes when applying, probably because eyelashes are quite light and cannot bend a mascara brush alone.

As always, whenever reviewing mascaras I don’t use any other eye make-up, so I can see (and you can see) the full effect of  the mascara.  The only prep I do is brushing my lashes and curling them, with an eyelash curler.  So I hope you can see from my before and after shots below my lashes are quite lengthy and natural looking.


Sells at £7.99 but Boots have £2 off this one right now, which swayed the boat for me as well this morning.

I am generally quite impressed with this mascara and it will take over my Rockin’ Curves one (which is drying out now anyway), I like the lengthy lash effect it gives, however, I still think Rimmel’s Scandaleyes Lycra Flex mascara gives more volume/thicker lashers.  I still need to do a review on this mascara, which I’ve unfortunately run out of (but I’m afraid you might have to wait until I get paid for that one.)

As for the benefits of the Argan oil?  Over time I feel my lashes are slightly softer and the tiniest bit fuller, not by much, but overall they still feel rather healthy!  I’ve also had this mascara for a few months now, which by then I can usually tell whether I need to chuck it out for a new one, but the formula hasn’t dried out as much as I expected, which is an added bonus too..

Tell me what you think.  Have you tried a flexible/bendy wand before?  Is it better or do you prefer some resistance?  Has any mascara you tried included Argan oil in their formula?  Has it worked for you?  Or was there no difference?  Beauty is a conversation – let’s continue it! 


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