Max Factor – Face Finity All Day Primer



So, I was fine getting along with my Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Pro Primer everyday until that rainy day came where I go out and boldly buy the ever-popular Smashbox Hydrating Photo Finish Hydrating Foundation Primer (hasn’t happened yet, still waiting on payday..)

But what I did not expect to happen whilst pottering around with my Mum through the make-up aisles in Boots is to see this (above.)

What drew my attention was those magical words – SPF 20.  My eyes grew and I thought well, my Rimmel primer certainly doesn’t include SPF!  For a high street brand and a primer, which just tips slightly over the £10 mark I thought that was pretty good going.

Meanwhile my mum had picked out a mascara and a blusher she was about to pay for – but wait – the friendly Max Factor Sales Assistant gently reminded my mum “oh you can get one more item if you like, it’s 3 for 2 today!”

Yes!  Mum chucked in this primer too and I couldn’t wait to give it try.

And try I did – the consistency of the primer is not as thick as my Rimmel primer, which felt better for me and perhaps more advanced?

It also keeps my foundation on just as good (because that’s what primers do) and the extra SPF protection (even though my foundation includes this as well) is that extra reassurance when you’re caught in unexpected sun.

Lovely.  Although I’m still waiting for that rainy Smashbox day to come…



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