The Body Shop – Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil

I’ve had my eyes on this product for a while, ever since getting back from traveling I’ve really relished getting back on track with all things to do with my beauty regime and something I’ve never ventured into before, or slot in, was beauty serums.

They took off in a big way and promise a great deal but many come with an unwanted, expensive price tag (boo!) but I heard about this little serum (in an oil) which is just over a tenner and promises just as much.

I have dry skin, which means when I come out of a shower or bath my face craves moisturiser, like it does when I remove my make-up with a cleanser and hot cloth.  Although I just dabbed on moisturiser when this occurred I felt I needed something more penetrative – so enter Body Shop!

The Body Shop Vitamin E range sounds like it’s just the right thing for my skin, although I haven’t tried any of there other products yet oh you can bet I will when pay day comes round.  What I think is also worth mentioning is the AWESOME Body Shop card – it costs £5, but you get a £5 voucher on your birthday, another one when you’ve got to 4 stamps and a £10 voucher when you get to 8!  Plus you get 10% of everything, at any time, including sale items!  SOLD.

Anyway, on with my review.  Now that I’ve tried this product I will most definitely not be without a serum before bed time again.  I wake up with smooth skin not crying out for a moisturiser, which also feels clear and healthy too – ready for a new face of make-up without feeling sore from the day before!

Rubbing an oil into your face may not sound like everyone’s cup of tea but they’d be surprised; it’s actually sinks in very quickly and feels quite pleasant too.  There’s a lovely smell to it which is all made from natural and calming ingredients, as you’d expect from the Body Shop.

It is also a great cure for combatting dry, crapey hangover skin – tried and tested; shared a few too many wines with the boyfriend Saturday night, still managed to get my make-up off and this serum on before bed, then woke up the next morning feeling crappy but with skin that had no trace or feeling of the previous night’s wrongdoings!  Hooray!  Nice work Body Shop.

(Another note: add a few drops to your usual body moisturiser, sinks in like a dream…)


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