Birchbox Monthly Subscription


So I’ve finally signed up to a monthly beauty subscription to find out what the fuss was all about!

I decided to go for Birchbox as Clare, from Clare’s beauty blog, advised me they usually have better, higher-end products whereas some other boxes can be a bit hit or miss!

Start expecting some of my reviews to appear on my bog – I’m quite looking forward to testing out new and different beauty products I may not have otherwise known anything about.

I used Clare’s referral link to get her some points (Birchbox points will get you money off buying some of the beauty products on their online shop!)  So if you are interested in subscribing to Birchbox then I have a cheeky little request for you to please use my referral link which is here: 

You’ll get some points too if you go this way so it’s not all about me and getting my greedy points (mwah ha ha!)  If you sign up now you can get the postage off your next box by entering the code NEW14 at the checkout stage…and finally my last word: I apologise for the lack of posts recently – I’ve started working (woohoo) and am being trained up in a completely different location than where I’m actually supposed to be working, much further away (boo) and discovering the commute is really eating into my free-time.

Not to be forever though, so have no fear, I will be back to a regular poster sometime soon.  (With upcoming reviews on more TheBodyShop skincare products, a few ’empties” and eventually getting round to those awards I’ve been nominated for!)



9 thoughts on “Birchbox Monthly Subscription

  1. I have too many beauty boxes coming to me this month thanks to all this awesome deal codes for them! So excited! Did my sign up go through ok on your points?
    Also CONGRATS on the job hope it’s going well 😀
    (And sorry about all the nominations… Kinda :p) x

    • Yes I got my points – thanks so much for that! If I decide to take on another beauty box then maybe I can return the favour!
      My jobs going well thank you and it’s great having money to SPEND again ahh such bliss.
      I’ll have to trawl through my comments notifications to find the awards haha I’m about to do one Beck nominated me for back in July – oops!! X

      • Beauty boxes should come with an addiction warning I swear! It’s like a surprise present coming to your door!
        Haha yeah I recently started working part time and went a bit mental last week after payday as I hadn’t been paid in over a year and ran out of student loan months before, so now I’m like ah crap I’m almost outta money! Oops! Will have to control myself better next month x)
        Have fun finding them all :p you could always look on the awards tag on my blog as I put you down for 3 or 4 – might be quicker! Haha x

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