Birchbox September – First Impressions


As you may have read if you’re a follower of my blog, I decided to give one of these monthly beauty box subscriptions a go!

I decided to go with Birchbox from the advise Clare gave me from Clare’s Beauty Blog (once again thank you Clare!)  So here are my first impressions:

The Box (Style & Theme):  I’ll try to keep this short, as I usually skip these parts myself to get straight to what products were received and what they’re supposed to do!  What I really liked about opening the box was the draw-string bag containing all the samples – it was really neat, reusable and for some reason smelt so lovely!

The Products:


Agave Heating Oil Treatment:  As you’ve probably guessed by the name (and the pic above) this is a hair oil to smooth your hair and boost shine, strength and all the rest of it.  I have used VO5 hair oils in the past but didn’t notice much of a difference to my hair, which I also said about Moroccan Oil in my Beauty Blogger of the month post, but I haven’t given up on hair oils yet and am willing to give this one a go!

My leaflet says to warm a 5p-sized amount between palms and smooth from roots to end.  It’s a damn good thing my hair isn’t the length to my bum anymore, I’d have had to use a 50p-sized amount back then!  So any very-long-haired-ladies who are Birchbox subscribers might have felt a bit disappointed in getting the 4ml sample size!  But as my hair is just shoulder-length now maybe I’ll get a few uses out of this!  Tried and tested: review here!

Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream:  Ahh another eye cream, I’ve had a few freebie eye creams through Glamour and Cosmopolitan magazines so this didn’t exactly make me leap for joy.  It is Benefit at least and there’s no way I’d have got this free through the aforementioned publications.  However, what made me feel a bit disappointed is the fact I’ve just starting using an eye cream, a pretty good one for the first time ever and it’s by The Body Shop!  That is the only reason I want to leave this on the back burner until I run out of The Body Shop eye cream I’m using – that there will be an review coming up soon I promise!

Premae Mild Dermabrasion Face & Body Scrub:  I’ve had a microdermabrasion facial before (when it was on offer mind you, £60 facials is not a habit I can afford) so I was a bit dubious about this product.  I know it says mild so it won’t be as effective as that facial but I did feel for a body scrub the 20ml sample was a bit small.  Exfoliators can be quite harsh on my sensitive skin so I may slap some of this one whilst in the bath next, maybe on my legs and a little on my face if that’s not too much information for you!  Tried and tested: review here!

Modelco Lip Lacquer in Viva:  I love, love, LOVE lip lacquers.  I loved Rimmel London’s Apocolips and have stupidly not reviewed them yet on here, so I was excited about seeing this on my list!  Yet it’s hard to describe the colour ‘viva’, it’s peach, yet pink, and kind of coral too.  I’m not sure if it’s a wearable colour for me but then sometimes lip colour’s can look different on so I’ll definitely give it a go!  Tried and tested: review here!

BeautyBlender + BlenderCleanser Solid:  This is the egg-shaped sponge applicator I’ve been hearing so much about.  Supposedly amazing for a flawless base when using liquid foundation (help girls: is it only liquid foundation or powder foundation too?) and after reading RachWat’s Birchbox review I think this is a full sized product usually worth £26!  Shit!  That is good considering I paid £10 for the whole box!

I am definitely happy receiving this as there’s been a reasonable level of hype around this product!  Directions of application has got me a bit confused though:  wet sponge and squeeze out water, dot into foundation, then stipple over the skin.  What does stipple mean?  Oh well, I’m sure I’ll find out – and also another good thing is I have the cleanser too to clean it!  Tried and tested: review here!

Finally there were two lifestyle products included in the box, as Birchbox claims to be both a beauty and lifestyle subscription box.  This month was Urban Fruit‘s dried fruit, which was a good idea as I’m always looking for healthier snacks and a photo clip with ‘happy day’s printed upon it.  Not sure if I’ll be using it but a nice little trinket!

So there you have it; my first beauty box!  Overall I don’t feel over the moon about all of my products but I am looking forward to trying different products and receiving future boxes!  I will be giving full reviews to the samples/products I feel deserve it and if I’ve not put you too much off the idea of subscriving to Birchbox (sorry if I have, I hope I haven’t, it’s just that I’ve been watching a lot of Peep Show recently!) and if you’re thinking of signing up you can use my referral link (here: ) to get free Birchbox points for us both – worth £5!


18 thoughts on “Birchbox September – First Impressions

  1. Stipple just means that dabbing, pressing motion, and I’ve heard of people using the blenders for powder, but I haven’t personally. So jealous you two got beauty blenders! A little advice.. When you wash your blender, or after using it because you need to damp it before using too, don’t put it back in the little box it comes in! I made that mistake and it stated to grow bacteria so I had to throw it out. Just leave it out to dry before putting it back.

    • Ahh no that sucks but thanks so much for the advice! I usually leave my brushes laid on a towel to dry naturally so I may do that!
      Yeah I was just watching the video Rachel sends me and I have a better idea how to use it now haha 🙂 x

      • I didn’t even know I’d done it, I couldn’t find it one day because I hadn’t wore make up for a couple of days, I checked my make up bag and because no light had got to it and it was in an air tight container it had all black dots on it… I was so annoyed with myself. They really are amazing, might get another soon!

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