The Body Shop – Vitamin C Daily Moisturiser SPF 30

That’s right, I’ve ditched my oh ye faithful daily Olay Beauty Fluid moisturiser in order to experiment and throw caution to the wind!

Wild aren’t I?  I’m so glad I did though.  Originally I was going to purchase a daily moisturiser from The Body Shop’s Vitamin E range to compliment my Vitamin E Serum-in-Oil, however a good beauty blogging friend Rachael (RachWat) drew my attention to this very popular choice.  After telling me not only had her local Body Shop sold out but also the nationwide website had too; when I wandered into a branch during my lunch-break and saw it sitting on the shelf I just couldn’t resist whisking off!

I had also completed the skin diagnostic on the Body Shop’s app too, which recommended either the Vitamin E range, to hydrate and care for sensitive skin, or the Vitamin C range – to add radiance!  I was stuck choosing between the two but when one moisturiser had 30 SPF – 30 bloody SPF! – in it I knew which was the right choice!

30 SPF!  I still think it now whilst putting it on – how amazing is 30 SPF in a daily moisturiser?  My Dior powder foundation has 15 SPF, my Clarins liquid foundation a meak 10 and my Olay – none!  I was astonished.  In a good way, of course.

But for that reason I was also worried – strong SPF’s can leave a greasy coat over my face, which not only looks unattractive but causes blemishes and spots too.  Yuck.  This was a problem for me traveling if I wore cheap sun lotion, in the end I did have to go for Nivea despite it being expensive as it was so much better for my skin.

So I do have to admit when applying the Vitamin C daily moisturiser it is a thick consistency in comparison to other facial moisturisers, which is probably down to the high SPF, however I was pleasantly surprised to find how it sunk in quickly and with no post-greasy-residue!  Awesome!

It does have an orange-y scent and you’ll feel a slight tingling when applying, which when I read about this in the reviews didn’t sound appealing at the time, but my mind has well and truly been swayed – it actually feels and smells quite hydrating!

I would advise not to use a big dollop for your face, you do not need that much and to also avoid putting too much around your mouth/lip area, I did have one or two whiteheads pop up (however very small and hardly noticeable) this was a mistake and it’s just best to keep to the vaseline to hydrate your lips!

And as for radiance?  I can actually tell a different in my skin!  My skin looks and feels more hydrated, more plump, smooth and radiant (I can’t think of another word for radiant.)  Even my boyfriend (who typically doesn’t notice much) agreed my skin was looking good.

So sorry Olay, I think I might have found somebody else…



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