The Body Shop – Nutriganics Smoothing Eye Cream

Alright I admit it – since I bought the Body Shop discount card I’ve been completely suckered in and gone Body Shop mad.  Well at least a little bit to now own 3 items from their skin-care branch that have been incorporated firmly into my everyday regime.

I’ve reviewed my Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil (very good) and my Vitamin C Daily Moisturiser with 30 SPF (also very good) and now it’s turn for the nutriganics eye cream.

First of all, I’m going to be up front, because eye cream for me has never been successful or shown much effect, I was intending to give up on them entirely.  However, because of this Body Shop discount card, I downloaded the app and then took the skin care diagnostic test (which is quite helpful if you’re interested.) This eye cream was recommended as one of the products I should use, so as I had a wonder in the shop at lunch time (with a 40% voucher I received for buying the discount card) I chucked it in my basket and thought reassuringly why not!

The skin around my eyes can be dull and crapey.  I hate it.  I have found this has somewhat improved by adding in my night time serum, as I have dry skin which needs that extra nourishment.  But on top of this, this eye cream, which I apply (in small amounts) morning and night, feels as though it’s giving my eye area that hydration it needs that my serum or moisturiser can’t reach.

I have noticed my eye area being more plump, thus reducing the appearance of my fine lines (they’re still there which they forever will be, unless I get a face lift which is not something that’s going to happen.)

It’s also improved my skins dullness in that area and I feel it’s become a bit of a security plan as it’s purpose is also for “first signs of aging” – so I’m using a product right for my age group!

There’s no parabens, no silicones and a 98% minimum of natural ingredients which is bought fair trade.

Another thumbs up to the Body shop!


7 thoughts on “The Body Shop – Nutriganics Smoothing Eye Cream

  1. I went to TBS today, still no moisturiser 😭 however I have now decided I want a deep cleanser too so when they finally get it back in stock I feel a splurge will be in order! Seriously impressed at their skincare lately x

      • No! 😦
        I took the quiz on their app and it recommended me their entire tea tree range, I’m allergic to tea tree! Gonna ask someone in store about what cleanser I should get when they have the moisturiser back in stock x

      • Yeah good idea.
        I did take the test 2 time and the first time I think I got tea tree recommendations -when I took it the second time I answered that my skin was dry and I wanted radiance, to which I got the vitamin c and Nutriganics results! Best to go for what you know is best for your skin x

      • I took it again and didn’t put anything about blemish probe skin and it recommended me the aloe range for sensitivity, will still take a good look before I get anything x

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