How to use Beauty Blender and Review


Beauty Blender was the product I was most looking forward to trying from of my September Birchbox. This pink egg-shaped sponge is used to apply foundation to give an ‘air-brushed’ finish.

The Low Down:  you can’t use any type of foundation for the Beauty Blender – it has to be liquid.

Instructions:  Dampen your Beauty Blender, I wetted mine by putting it under a running tap.  Squeeze it to let out excess water.  The reason to do this first is so the Beauty Blender doesn’t soak up too much of your product!

For the next bit I had to watch a few YouTube tutorials to find out exactly what to do.  The majority of girls dotted their foundation over their face first, without blending it in, which I’m not used to at all as I use a brush to apply liquid.

Stipple, which basically means dab, your face with the Beauty Blender, relatively quickly in case your foundation begins to set.

Repeat this all over until your foundation begins to blend into your skin.  I think too much water was still held within my sponge at first as it was quite damp, so I squeezeed this out and continued.

I used the fattest part f the sponge round my face and the smallest part for under my eyes and around my nose.

Before and After:


Excuse my weird arm, I tried to recreate the first pic exactly.  The lighting in both was difficult to match also but you should be able to see my ‘after’ pic has a smoother look and has a clear difference to ‘before’.

I haven’t used any other products (not even concealer yet) so the Beauty Blender does help in building up coverage.

The egg shape of the sponge is designed so that it won’t leave any marks, which you can sometimes get when using a brush (although I could argue this and add you only get brush marks when using too much foundation.)  So I’ve tried to show the coverage and finish in the picture below (please ignore my stupid face.)


What’s good:  It is quite a smooth finish using the Beauty Blender and it’s pretty fool-proof, whereas different types of brushes can be good for different things (so a beauty amateur can feel lost when it comes to brushes.)

Your skin still looks quite natural looking and not ‘made-up’.

What’s not:  I noticed I used more product than usual, this is perhaps due to the beauty blender being a sponge and it soaking up anything liquid!

I found the time using a Beauty Blender is more consuming, compared to using a brush, because you have to keep dabbing, dabbing, dabbing…

The thinnest point of the sponge isn’t really that great – as you’re dabbing away it doesn’t make much difference than if you’re using the other end.

Final thoughts:  Hmm, I think the Beauty Blender is okay.  I need more goes at it though as I am so used to using brushes when applying liquid foundation.   Currently I do prefer to use brushes as I know the right amount I need before applying, whereas with the Beauty Blender you need more product and because of this you build up more – which can easily slip into ‘cakey’ territory, not good!

Overall I’m not entirely convinced this is a ‘holy grail’ where have you been all my life type beauty product, so I wouldn’t buy this if I’ve already got a decent brush.  But I’m glad I’ve been given the opportunity to try it through Birchbox – at a price lower than the Beauty Blender plus receiving other products!

I did also receive the Beauty Cleanser for the Beauty Blender (I’m a poet) so I will publish another post on this separately.



11 thoughts on “How to use Beauty Blender and Review

  1. I tried mine out today. I didn’t dab though! Definitely used lots of product but did get a smooth even finish and found it build able. I loved the pointy end for blending in concealer as it made it so much more subtle. Not entirely convinced by it yet either x

    • Ah I’m glad I’m not the only one! Dab is probably the wrong word, but I’d never heard of ‘stipple’ either, it’s hard to explain isn’t it! Will you be doing a review on it for your blog? x

      • I know of stipple as a drawing term but when it comes to using a sponge I think dab sounds nicer! I will be yeah, I’m gonna do box reviews in the next week going through quickly what I thought of everything but I might give this a more in depth review when I’ve had more chance to use it.
        Did you get a Glossybox? The hair oil in that is amazing!x

      • No I haven’t yet I’m still pondering on it haha there’s a gorgeous skirt I want in Asos at the moment which is £45 so I’m not sure whether I should spend any more money (there’s other stuff I might order from Asos too.. lol) x

      • I’ve really gone off asos lately. I think it’s the lack of free shipping and not being able to try stuff on. I used to have to return or exchange stuff a lot from them x

      • That is very true! It’s an expensive skirt really so I did feel a bit frustrated that I couldn’t just go in and try without paying for it first!
        But then it is a very pretty skirt 😳

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