Topshop – Lip Bullet


Topshop.  My favourite high street chain and yet I’ve never brought any of their beauty products!  Shock shock, horror horror – I put an end to this madness by adding a few items into a spree I had a few weeks ago.

Originally I was looking for an orange, as I have plenty of reds and I was feeling adventurous, but when I tried this colour on my wrist I immediately fell in love, named It Takes Two.

In my defense, it’s an orangey red – a red which I’d argue suits everyone.  Especially pale skinned ladies, like myself.  My favourite red is an orange red (which I posted about in my National Lipstick Day post here) and is so wearable, both casually and dressed up.


Although named a lip bullet and having the appearance like Revlon’s lip stains (still haven’t reviewed those yet) it is very much the feel and consistency as a lipstick.  I’m not sure if this makes application easier or not; I’m already a graduate of the traditional lipstick so it’s hard to tell, but for those of you who aren’t you may find this format better to get to grips with.

A minor downfall from Topshop here is you get more stick to a lipstick and less with one of these lip bullets.

Nevertheless I got it for the colour, which is not a matte finish and is actually deliciously shimmery as I’ve tried to show you in the pictures above (on the actual stick, which you can’t see too well) and the pictures below where I am gawping like a fish (where you can see the sparkle a little better!)



What do you think?  Have you ever tried Topshop make-up?  What products have you tried and did you like them?  Feel free to comment below!



6 thoughts on “Topshop – Lip Bullet

  1. I’ve never tried any Topshop makeup but I only hear good things about it. Maybe I should go pick something up! x

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