Birchbox October – First Impressions


My Birchbox subscription has came early this month!  In fact; I haven’t even tried all of the samples from last month’s box, so I feel a bit guilty and quite behind!  Apologies for this, I will catch up soon.

The Box (Style & Theme):  This month’s theme is ‘Work It!’; to help us through our drudging 9-5 jobs all over the country.  Which is nice.  Although I didn’t have any smells wafting out to me when I opened my box this month I am again impressed with the bag the products came in – a dusty pink zip bag which will be sooo useful for going away and keeping my make-up/skincare bits in.  Birchbox have also partnered with CoppaFeel! this month, a breast cancer awareness charity, which I find great because of the different people I’ve personally known to be affected by this – do not ‘just leave it’ ladies!

The Products:


Cattier Pink Clay Face Mask:  Through various beauty reading, on WordPress and in magazines, I’ve heard a lot about face masks recently which lead me to think – why don’t I do these more often?  I have used face masks in the past, however now I know my skin type and it’s needs I don’t think the face masks I’ve used have always been suited for me.  This one claims to be packed with aloe vera to illuminate your complexion (great for dull/dehydrated skin) and soften my skin (great for dry skin!)  I got two sachets and if it is actually pink in colour then I can enjoy wearing it about the house without looking like the Creature from the Black Lagoon.  Hooray!  Tried and tested: review here!

KMS California HAIR PLAY Dry Wax:  I’ve had hair wax spray before and it’s great if you have layers cut into your hair!  I used to spray this when I finished styling my hair, but this spray by KMS California advises to spray over towel-dried hair before blow-drying to give your hair texture with a matte finish.  After reading this I was definitely interested and pleased to also read I can use it on dry hair too, like I did before.  Tried and tested: review here!

Shaveworks The Cool Fix:  I am forever cutting myself shaving and I am particularly sensitive under my arms.  No matter how much moisturiser I apply there’s always some redness or razor bumps.  So I will be (gladly) putting this gel to the test as it promises to treat these problems and others like ingrown hairs after waxing too.  Tried and tested: review here!

Pixi by Petra Shea Butter Lip Balm:  Again, as I am forever cutting myself shaving I am also forever with loads of lip balms in my room, my work bag, everywhere!  I sorted this somewhat of an addiction out before traveling and managed to cut it down to just one or two, but now I only have one so this product – full sized by the way – is hugely welcomed by me and will probably last me a while if I keep it in my work or gym bag!  (Saves me some money too.)  Tried and tested: review here!

Meaningful Beauty Glowing Serum:  Yeeeeessss!!!  (Shouted like a football hooligan when a goal’s been scored.)  This is the product I’m most excited about because serums have been praised all over the industry for being products that actually work and essential to anyone’s beauty regime.  The problem is they’re usually quite expensive, so it’s not easy to just buy one or two to try.  I use a serum-in-oil (by BodyShop, full review here) at night time which has really improved my skin – I honestly love it!  I have been thinking about getting a serum to apply in the mornings too, which thankfully (hence my football-esque cheering) this one is used for!  It is supposed to take a few weeks to see the benefits from any serum but this 8ml sample should be able to pull through, if not a bit longer!  From Dr. Sebagh (who?) and Cindy Crawford (ahh).  Tried and tested: review here!

Birchbox Lipstick Pen:  The lifestyle product this month is a pen, in shape of a lipstick.  Whatever!  I’m just glad with the above products I got to care too much about this!

So there you have it:  I am more impressed with this month’s box by far!  I can honestly say I’ll be using every single one of these products, which I feel have actually been designed for me and my needs.

All reviews will be posted once tried and tested and I’ll put links to this post too.  If you’re thinking of signing up you can use my referral link (here: ) to get free Birchbox points for us both – worth £5!   Go on, go on, go on…


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