Neutrogena Haul! (With reviews)


Skincare, skincare, skincare.  I sound like Tony Blair on a beauty reform.  It’s started to already get bloody freezing here in Britain which means dry hands and dry skin in general for me.

Whilst in my local Boots about to pick up my usual Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand cream I noticed (not sure if this is new or not) Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand & Nail Cream.  My nails had been weak and breaking easily so I thought this would save me getting a separate nail varnish to target this – which it did!  After using for a few days I noticed my nails were definitely stronger and not breaking, whilst my hands were moisturised too!  Even an older lady at work tried some and loved it and is now nicking some squirts going past my desk at work.  It’s okay though, we’re friends so I’ll let her off (until she brings in her designer hand creams her husband buys her then there’ll be payback!)

After emptying my Vaseline Aloe Fresh Moisutrising Lotion I decided to pick up the Neutrogena equilivant which is more pricey but possibly more moisturising.  One of my favourite things about Neutrogena Norweigan Formula Deep Moisture Body Lotion for Dry & Sensitive Skin is that it has a pump, meaning it doesn’t leave left over moisturiser to harden around the rim waiting for you to wipe off next time.  It is a thick formula, great for moisturising dry skins and fine for sensitive skins also.  Maybe not as good as Dove moisturisers but still does a great job.

Then I discovered there was 3 for 2 on skincare in boots – how could I resist?  My final and third item I brought was Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Body Oil.  I’ve really been getting into oils lately, after my Body Shop Vitamin E Serum-in-Oil (hence my newly added category: For the love of oil) and read on the back of this bottle that it can be applied after a bath or shower, when skin is still damp, to moisturise.  This really attracted me because after work I gym, and after gym I get home and try to have a shower and dinner as quick as possible to start writing for my freelance jobs, before finally bed.  Although I love moisturising properly this can take up a big amount of time during the week and thought this oil could save me some, whilst still keeping me moisturised.  Turns out – it does!  I apply straight after my shower (after some patting down with the towel) and rub in like a normal moisturiser.  I then pat completely try with a towel and my skin does feel moisturised! You can also add this to your bath too.  Only suggestion is that it would be nice if the smell was a bit stronger, although I’m not too fussed about this and it doesn’t beat the above moisturiser/moisturising process, but again I’m not complaining!


17 thoughts on “Neutrogena Haul! (With reviews)

      • I know the feeling! I stood in the body shop the other day debating what to buy and was like no I don’t need a night cream. Since I’ve found myself moisturising every night and asking my mum to pick me up one meant for night time use whilst she’s in France this week x) x

      • I’m not sure what she’ll actually bring back but I sent her with a list of five things I’d like. I want a clinque lip perfector, bioderma micellar water, Vichy night cream, Embroylisse lait-creme concentrate and a nuxe lip balm. Basically a load of expensive french skincare because it’s meant to be a lot cheaper there!
        What night cream are you thinking of getting?x

      • Ahh… I’ve heard great things about Vichy! Please let me know if you get some. If it really is cheaper out there then I’d stock up on French products next time I’m there lol.
        I’m thinking about getting a Eucerin serum and night cream from BodyShop, possibly the vitamin e one to go on after my serum-in-oil x

      • Me too! Especially their normaderm range, which is the one I asked for!
        I almost got the Vitamin E nightcream, but bought the toner instead, which I’m quite liking. It’s my first thing from that range but it’s really gentle which is great. I developed a Lush bubble bar obsession too recently. I really need to go on a spending ban!x

      • Ah that’s good to hear because after my cleanser runs out I was thinking of going for a Vitamin E cleanser!
        Haha I know tell me about it – upkeep of beauty blogs aren’t always a good influence – they just add more products to my Wishlist!! X

      • I’m currently using the coalface cleanser from lush and it’s really helping to clear up my skin!
        Right? I buy (and use) so many more products than I did before I started blogging! The amount of things I have now compared to at uni makes it seem really excessive!x

      • Me too! Like how did I cope with my spotty, oily skin? How did I not even realise I had combination skin for so long? It’s surprising how quickly a product can make its way into my daily use/essentials stash x

      • Yes!!! Haha I used to think I had combination skin but I don’t! It’s actually dry! Why didn’t I know this before? Cos I was a beauty idiot that’s why! Haha so glad I know all what I know now and it’s not too late x

      • I think its because skin changes so much through puberty, that you come out the other side of it and suddenly realise that you’re going about it all wrong. At least, that’s the case for me. My sensitive skin meant I was really limited on what I could use or I’d make things worse, but now there’s actually products around which do help me and I’m old enough to not just blame an oily t-zone on being a teen. You’re right though, it’s good we’ve realised and made the changes now, we’ll see the benefits in 10years time! x

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