October Empties!

As of yet; I have never posted an ‘empties’ post.  Which I admit is pretty stupid of me, considering I forget to review many products I brought a while ago and regret this.  So hurrah!  Here is my first empties post.


John Frieda Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Intensive Masque
This is not the first time I’ve emptied out a John Frieda hair ‘masque’ tub, so that must make me somewhat of an expert in my opinion of it.  Before leaving to go traveling I used this product religiously, which translates into: every time I washed my hair it would be used as a conditioner.  However, since I’ve been back I’ve lessened how much I use it to just once a week.  The reason?  Using more regularly seemed to lose it’s effectiveness in how great it made my hair feel and if I used it more than once a week it would leave my hair feeling limp and a bit flat, almost too conditioned.  Pardon my dumbness if this is an obvious defect from over-using but I do remember me not being able to live without this stuff once upon a time and having hair so sleek and lovely, especially after straightening, after every use.  But now, I feel like it has lost its sparkle.  Maybe it is true you got to keep changing shampoo/conditioners… so I am on the lookout for a new mask, recommendations welcome!


Vaseline Aloe Fresh Moisturising Lotion
This is my go-to, run of the mill, pretty average moisturiser which does the job at a fairly cheap price – a product I also haven’t emptied for the first time either.  I can’t complain about this stuff; it sinks in quick, makes my skin soft and feeling ‘hydrated’ and hasn’t had any unwanted effect on my sensitive skin.  Plus Vaseline are a pretty trustworthy brand that can’t go wrong.  If you’re thinking of buying it; go for it.  I will probably buy this again, but for now I’ll be experimenting with other moisturisers.


DKNY Pure Eau de Parfum spray
My first perfume review!  I’ve been put off by perfume posts in the past because well, how can you describe the smell through words?  I’m not good at that sort of thing (something I probably shouldn’t admit being an aspiring writer) and I’m not really a perfume expert either, but here I go I’ll give it a try.  I was looking for a daytime perfume which was ‘fresh’ and decided on this one, after not much sniffing to be honest.  It was fine for work and like its name ‘pure’ and simple, not too heady with a “drop of vanilla.”  (See, told you I wasn’t an expert at this stuff.)  However I grew disappointed that the scent didn’t seem to stay on me for very long, unlike other perfumes I’ve had, (before I wore Theirry Mugler’s Alien which I had been told left a trail of scent after I’d leave a room – now that’s a perfume!)  I won’t be repurchasing this one and feel a bit ‘meh’ about the DKNY brand in perfumes now.  If I’m wrong please let me know though.



11 thoughts on “October Empties!

  1. I’ve been using a Schwarzkopf hair mask and it’s amazing – I’m on my second run! I’d really like to try the l’oreal one that goes with the hair oil I got in last months glossybox though 😊 x

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