Modelco – Lip Lacquer


A bit slow on the uptake on this product (considering I received it in September’s Birchbox) but I’ve been a very busy lady recently, working full-time and coming home to write for my freelance jobs.  I am knackered, to say the least.  But another reason why I wasn’t whipping this up and slapping it immediately on my lips was because of the colour, named Viva, just didn’t look like me.  It looked too sickly pink, a gross pink.

Reluctantly, I gave it a go this afternoon and was pleasantly surprised.  As it is a gloss/lacquer/whatever, the colour doesn’t show up as strong as it looks all compact in the bottle (something I should’ve known.)  The formula is sticky and does smell of sweets (or candy to you Americans) instantly taking me back to being sixteen with gloopy eyeliner, an awful excuse for ‘smokey eyes’ and not knowing much about make-up.  However, when you get past this bit, it’s not that bad and actually looks quite nice, casually or dressed up.


So I take back what I said (seem to be saying that a lot recently…) and maybe I’m not so against lip gloss as I thought.  Or lip lacquer, not lip gloss, but definitely feels like lip gloss, just with colour.  I can definitely see myself wearing this more often, to work and on the weekends, but, I can’t see myself buying the real thing so I’ll just stick to the freebies instead!  Nothing wrong with that here here!

As for the Modelco brand, it’s hard to tell if they’re a good’un or not from this product, as you can still pick up a pretty decent lip gloss from the likes of Bourjous.  So maybe not the best choice for Birchbox subscribers to decide if they want to try more from their range marketing wise, but nevertheless, it’s now a nice little extra in my make-up bag.


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