Some review updates…

Hello!  So I feel some of the products I’ve already reviewed need an update (totally my fault for rushing ahead and not trailing the product more than twice before posting!  Apologies, I get too excited…)  Although I am pasting these at the bottom of the original reviews for those of you who follow my blog, and of course won’t be going back other old posts (understandably), I thought I’d add it here too so you don’t miss out!


Rimmel London Wonder’full Mascara
I just wanted to add a quick update regarding this mascara and it’s not bad news either.  You may remember me writing about reporting back whether the argan oil has came as a benefit to my lashes over time…and I’m glad to say it has!  I feel my lashes are slightly softer and the tiniest bit fuller, not by much, but overall they still feel rather healthy!  I’ve also had this mascara for a few months now, which by then I can usually tell whether I need to chuck it out for a new one, but the formula hasn’t dried out as much as I expected, which is an added bonus too.

Yves Saint Laurent – Le Teint Touche Éclat foundation
I really don’t know how I feel about this foundation – which I’ve decided must mean I don’t like it.  The formula is quite odd for me personally, it is very watery compared to my Clarins Skin Illusion foundation, which is more creamy.  What bothers me somewhat too is the formula setting very quickly, becoming dry when I blend it in and therefore not blending with/into my skin and instead sitting on top of it, almost as if transformed into a stubborn powder.  This could be because I have dry skin, I’m not sure, as I notice it can easily leave a cakey finish, particularly around my nose.  I’ve tried to highlight this in the pictures below, however it was difficult coming up on camera:



Due to this texture change I also find it difficult to use a brush to apply it and realised perhaps trailing the Beauty Blender with this foundation didn’t work well either (I saw a lot of reviews advising not to use with watery foundation types.)  So that might need another updated review too by using a different foundation!

Overall I won’t be buying the full size product and will still be on a lookout for a different liquid foundation, preferably thick and creamy!  But that’s it for now, let me know if you’ve had similar problems with the YSL foundation or if you have any recommendations!  Thanks for reading.



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