Birchbox October – Reviews

Yesterday my email tone ‘pinged’, when I looked down at my phone it was an email from Birchbox notifying me my November box was on its way!  I thought waiting in between boxes would drag, but in fact I should make more of an effort to catch up.

I was really pleased with this box, as I previously applauded in my Birchbox October – First Impressions post, so due to this I’ve been using all of the products simultaneously and able to group my reviews of them together in one post, instead of separately – which should be easier to read for you guys.  So here we go, in no particularly order;


Cattier Pink Clay Face Mask:  in the past I never felt face masks were a necessity to me; my skin is quite sensitive and they irritated it more than treated it.  This mask, however, felt quite gentle once applied, is formulated for sensitive skin and there wasn’t a stingy sensation.  The pink colour is similar to my skin (sadly it’s not bubblegum pink!) and left my skin genuinely smooth and cleaned after removing.  I had two sachets and used one per week; the 100ml full size product is only £4.25 so I would consider buying this (if it wasn’t out of stock in the Birchbox shop grr!)


KMS California HAIR PLAY Dry Wax:  I have played around with hair wax spray before, with other brands and it can really define any layers cut into your hair.  I feel like it’s a step below hairspray, as it still has a ‘hold’ element but isn’t as sticky or stiff.  Probably best used on ‘undone’ type hairstyles – that I don’t really wear much – making it difficult for me to really review this product.  Full size product at £15.50 isn’t on my wishlist.


Shaveworks The Cool Fix:  Waxing always leaves me feeling a bit sore (especially if it’s a bikini wax!), driving home the other day I could still feel my skin hurting somewhat where it’d been waxed an hour before.  I applied this in hopes of ‘cooling’ that area before I went out in the evening.  I can’t tell if it did just that, or it was my new pair of luxuriously soft tights that made the feeling vanish – or the combination of both!  I used to spend around £10 on a liquid product promising the sane as this gel and I got to say a gel is much easier to apply.


Pixi by Petra Shea Butter Lip Balm:  I am a bit of a lip balm connoisseur (see previous post where I explained I seem to own multiple in different bags and don’t wait until one is finished to get another, an unexplained habit) so I was looking forward to trying this.  Sadly, it is no Blistex (my favourite), Carmex or Vaseline!  The tinted colour seems to sit on my lips and not truly nourish like those I’ve just mentioned.  An extra disappointment is the other colour sent out to subscribers was a ‘Ripe Raspberry’, which I would have much preferred over my ‘Honey Nectar’.  Oh well, I’ll chuck in the gym bag.


Meaningful Beauty Glowing Serum:  Finally the product I was most excited about receiving!  I’ve been using this for nearly a month – and it’s still going!  I was initially surprised to find that it was sticky when applying, but after a few days use I and my skin grew to it.  I apply after cleansing and before moisturising.  I haven’t noticed a huge difference to my skin – it’s been quite clear, smooth with no bumps, radiant in a natural way but no more ‘glowing’ as the bottle insists.  I will continue using this until it’s last squeeze, but I won’t be buying the £30 ish full size and instead will go for a serum which is more hydrating – it’s been nice trying though!


Premae Mild Dermabrasion Face & Body Scrub:  I’ve added this on the end despite it being from September’s box because I’ve just got round to using it (finally.)  I take back my gripe about the size of the sample and the fact I didn’t believe it would deliver; I tried it on my legs whilst in the bath and was surprised to see how soft, smooth and clear they felt and looked afterwards!  I braved using it on my face too, after some apprehension from bad experiences with the oh-so harsh St Ive’s Apricot Scrub once upon a time, to find the same effect from a gentle scrub!  The full size product, along with a full size body oil by the same brand (I recently reviewed Neutrogena’s Body Oil here), is awaiting stock on the Birchbox shop and you can get both for £29.50!  I must have it.  There’s no other way of putting it.  I’ve already signed up to an email notification to let me know when it’s back in stock.

There, I hope I’ve caught up somewhat!  As always, feel free to comment how you feel about the products, whether that be the same as me or the polar opposite.

If you are thinking about subscribing up to Birchbox I have a referral code that’ll get us both £5 free to spend in the shop – how can you resist?  If you’re interested I’d greatly appreciate it and all you need to do is click here: 


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