Budget Glasses

Picture 6

Hey everyone, I know this isn’t an obvious beauty based post – but for those ladies out there who wear/need glasses you’ll know how glasses can be the ultimate accessory.

My point is – glasses can be the final professional touch to your outfit and your personality, or if you wear them just for fun then can you remember the sexy secretary look ever not being hot?  (Answer’s no.)

I’ve spoken a bit about my involvement with Selectspecs on a few posts before (see: matching your make up to your glasses and matching your hair colour to your glasses) and I really recommend having a browse over their website.

They kindly sent me six glasses to review so one Sunday I shot, edited and uploaded my first ever Youtube video.


Since working with them I can definitely see the benefit of upping my glasses game and have reigned myself in from buying a few designer pairs (gotta wait until after Christmas, gotta wait until after Christmas..)

All you need is your most recent prescription and boom – you can chose from thousands of glasses.

Check out the video (above), I may try a few out for reviews on this site (so be warned) and let me know what you think in the comments section.  Thanks!

Click here for full video and written reviews.


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