Birchbox November – First Impressions


Another month gone by, another Birchbox arriving at my door.  I’ve finally caught up with my previous prodcuts so I was totally ready for this month’s new arrivals!

The Box (Style & Theme):  This month’s theme is ‘Cosy At Home’; which for November is on everyone’s game plan.  Next month is predictably going to be party season/Christmas & New Year’s Eve themed (you heard it here first) so November doesn’t have a stand-out theme, which is fine with me.

The Products:

OPI A Grape Affair! Nail Polish: Oh my god, this is what I’ve been waiting for.  One my soul reasons for subscribing to a beauty box was in hopes one day I’d receive a full-size OPI polish – and when I opened this month’s box I actually jumped for joy!  OPI is a fantastic polish, mostly been used on me in nail salons when I’ve fancied a treat.  I LOVE the colour – a dark purple – and I tried it almost immediately (review to come.)  At £11.95 this is almost the price of the whole box.  I also love the colour Clare received in her box (little bit jealous!) Tried and tested: review here!

English Laundry Signature For Her:  A perfume sample – that’s a first!  Apparently quite floral I haven’t had a sniff yet, but I do want to broaden my scent knowledge so this is greatly welcomed.  Bit of an odd name though, English Laundry?  Tried and tested: review here!

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle:  A leave-in conditioner that detangles, minimises frizz, keeps colour locked in and adds shine.  There is no ingredient list on the bottle so I’m not sure if this will fall to the wayside when my sulphate and silicone free experiment begins.  Smells nice, though.  Tried and tested: review here!

Lord & Berry Mini Bronzer, Sienna:  I didn’t know bronzer was still so poplar in the winter months, but not owning one myself – and questioning whether I should – I tried some under my blusher (as Sali Hughes advises) on Saturday night.  I tried to add ‘definition’, or contour, god knows, but I was a bit in a rush to see if it worked.  I’ll be giving this another try.  Tried and tested: review here!

Dr. Jart + V7 Cleansing Foam:  A full size cleanser!  I’d be singing from the rooftops if I didn’t just buy a whole new cleanser from The Body Shop – arrgh no!  Sods law and seeing again what Clare got (the turnover booster) again I felt a jealous pang.  Retailing at £15 however I’m impressed my box has gave over twice it’s value with all the products it held.  I am really enjoying my new Body Shop cleanser but I will put a week aside to test this.  (It’s sulphate free!)  Tried and tested: review here!

Drinkwel Drinkwel:  So good they named it twice?  We’ll see.  I had to read the description a couple of times to understand what these actually were; “Not your typical multivitamin, these veggie-friendly capsules are loaded with all the good stuff needed to help you recover after a night out on the tiles.  Take three capsules once daily with food and water.  Big night out?  Take 3 additional capsules with water before bed.”   Interesting, but will it cure a hangover?  Only one way to find out…  Tried and tested: review here!

So there you have it:  I am ecstatic at the value of some items in this month’s box (OPI and V7 Cleanser if I haven’t made that obvious) – and even some of the littler items have intrigued me.  Tried and tested: review here!

Reviews will be posted once tried and tested and I’ll put links in this post too (in case you’ve just happened to come over it.)  As always, if you’re thinking of signing I do have a referral link (here: ) to get free Birchbox points for us both – worth £5!   Go on, it’s nearly Christmas.



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