Recent Nail Varnish reviews

Always trying to keep on top of doing my nail’s every week has lead to my cheeky excuse of adding to my already large collection of nail varnishes!

In the past month I’ve bought a few, so here’s my reviews for each:


Essie Nail Polish in Fishnet Stocking:   Nails Inc in ‘Tate’ was my favourite colour nail varnish for a long time – until it went gloopy and met it’s end at the bottom of my bin.  I resisted buying the exact product again because I found Nails Inc brand to chip almost too easily, but I did want that dark blood red shade again.  Whilst in Boots I sneakily picked up ‘Tate’ from the Nails Inc counter and lined up against other (cheaper) brands.  I wanted to try an Essie polish and ‘Fishnet Stocking’ was the closet match!


I find Essie quite thick in consistency – so doing a slap dash job is out of the question!  (Explains my polish stained lid in the photo.)  I have to also wipe excess polish off around the inside lid a few times before it is safe to paint.  I don’t mind doing this, it teaches me to take my time to do a better job and the colour is fantastic, even with one coat!  Lasts longer than Nails Inc did too…


Rimmel London Nail Nurse Rescue:  My lovely long and strong nails from the summer are gone – why?!?!???  I do not know!  When my job requires me to to pry files out of very old filing systems it can be quite heavy handed and probably the reason my nails have been chipping a lot, or snapping off.  The things you do for money!  But to help strengthen my nails up a bit I’ve been using this.  Putting two bases of this on (over two days, separately) over my usual nail varnish does make them feel stronger, although I do have to wait that extra day before I apply colour, which is a bit annoying.  Nevertheless, I think this has been better for my nails overall and I’d be interested in trying Rimmel’s over Nail Nurse polishes!


Revlon Liquid Quick Dry:  There was a 3 for 2 offer on Revlon (I brought two blushers reviews of which will be posted shortly) and I chucked this in for the hell of it.  Although I can’t say I’ve never wished my nails to dry quicker, especially after many a time waiting patiently to then scrape a good paint job to pieces by accidently swiping it on something ridiculous like a door handle – URGGH!  So I was absolutely dazzled when applying this straight after the second coat and waiting for only one minute that my nails were totally dry – HUZZAH!  However, my delight waned when I discovered my nail polish would chip quicker than it would with a normal top coat polish.  Such a shame, and now reserved for those times when I really can’t wait around for my nails to dry.




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