Revlon Powder Blushes


I really need to up my blusher game – too broke for Nars, I settled for Revlon (picked up in a 3 for 2 offer with the Revlon Liquid Quick Dry.)

I picked up two shades; ‘Haute Pink’, the closed blush shown above, and ‘Classy Coral’, the open blush.

Excited, I looked forward to using these like I would a breath of fresh air after leaving a smokey party – especially due to the only blushers I had previously being Rimmel and around 3 years old.

I snatched up the ‘Haute Pink’ because it reminded me of the Dior ‘Rosy Glow’ I can’t afford and the Classy Coral for a casual blush for work, and the closest I could get to Nars’ ‘Orgasm’ (another blush I can’t afford) in the Revlon range.


Here are the swatches above, that are hard to pick up as you can see, but a blush is not supposed to be as pigmented as say, an eyeshadow.

Nevertheless I feel the ‘Classy Coral’ is a bit weak – often before applying blush I wipe the excess off the brush on a tissue, but I don’t feel I need to do this with this shade.

With the ‘Haute Pink’ I still do the tissue technique, naturally it is the stronger colour out of the two, however I just feel this is the better blusher – if that’s at all possible in the same brand?!

For the price I paid and my expectations of a Revlon product, who are that bit more expensive than the other high street brands, I don’t feel too impressed by their powder blushes.

I don’t think they blend particularly well either my liquid or powder foundations.

Overall, my 3 year old Rimmel blush can do much better.


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