Topshop – Smokey Eye Palette


Long overdue this review – I’ve had this quad eyeshadow palette since I bought the Topshop Lip Bullet – however I think it’s taken me this long to make up my mind about it.

Like I mentioned in my previous Topshop make up review, I was really excited about trying their make up products – I’ve been shopping, clothes-wise, in the store for years and never do they get trends wrong, in my eyes – they are one of the biggest trend setters, if anything.

So it appears, at first glance, they put a lot of thought into their beauty products, particularly in their colours and shades.

IMG_1022Whilst I loved my Lip Bullet (although it scrimped somewhat on the size); I’m left disappointed by this eyeshadow quad, named ‘Golden Aura’.

Don’t let the swatches above fool you – as they fooled me, on first application.  Initially great – pigmented and a little creamy yet still a powder, I even liked the brush which came with it!  That never happens…

I’d noticed a lack of longevity after wearing the palette to work a few times, but really noticed this the most one Saturday night.  The first pub, after my first drink, I looked in the mirror after going to the loo (breaking the seal) and discovered the time I worked on a smokey flick, with the darkest colour from the palette above, was wasted – it had completed faded to a neutral grey.

Sad as it may sound; I came out of the ladies, sat down opposite my friend and immediately told her how disappointed I felt with the eyeshadow!

The above swatches are not first swipe either, they are in fact second or third.  Although the colour’s are very wearable and easily built up or blended, I think Topshop should have really focused on the durability of product.

This is why I won’t be buying another Topshop eyeshadow palette and am now attending to my need of long wear, premium eyeshadow –  Urban Decay, here I come.




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