Make-up Looks – Friday Night


Hi everyone, so I thought of a new-ish idea to introduce to you all – I say new, yet it’s not new whatsoever, just new on my blog – I regularly review many beauty products here, but have never shown how I use and wear them with everything else!

I’m going to start a mini series called ‘Make Up Looks’ and to kick it off here is the make up I wore this past Friday on a night out.  Hopefully this series can help you picture products easier or help you make a decision if you’re thinking of buying it!

I only had time to take these two pictures before I could hear my boyfriend’s car pull up to pick me up outside on Friday!  So not the best snaps I’ll admit, but hopefully you can see the colours I’ve used (make them bigger if you really need to!) and get a better opinion of any of the products I used, which were:

I started by applying my new primer by Dior.  You may have read my review on Dior – DIORSKIN FOREVER Compact and know already that I am a Dior fan; but, Dior or not this is a bloody fantastic primer regardless.  The Glow Maximizer is a ‘light boosting’ primer, not in a sparkly way, but in a natural radiant way that projects light particles (resisting to type ‘Glow’ again here.)  I’m not doing it justice but a full review is up and coming so keep a look out for that!

Then, waiting for this primer to set, I got to work on my eyes.  I took three colours for my Sleek Sleek i-Divine – Oh So Special Palette.  If you have, or are thinking of getting this palette, I’ll be more exact: I applied Organza all over the lid, Wrapped Up over my socket and Celebrate to blend in to my crease and outer corners.  (Apologies again for the pictures, they’re not the best at showing off my eye make-up!)

Religiously with most of my make up looks I applied a flick of black gel eye liner (L’Oréal Paris – Super Liner Gel Intenza) – half way across the eye and out.

My lashes were coated twice with Rimmel London‘s Scandaleyes Lycra Flex – a great mascara for under a tenner which is really volumising, yet another full review will be on its way.

Back to my base, I used Clarins Paris – Skin Illusion Natural Radiance Foundation, a lovely ‘glowy’ foundation which is unfortunately passed it’s sell by date (it’s a few years old now), but soon to be replaced by the new Dior Star foundation I’m excited to try!

I used The Body Shop‘s All In One Cheek Colour in Bubblegum – a fresh and bright pink, which was my first time applying it as I bought it that day. I got to say it worked and blended much better than the Revlon Powder Blushes I’ve recently reviewed.

I used Rimmel London‘s Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in East End Snob (haha love that name) all over my lips, which of course you can’t see.


Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick in Oxford Street Fuchsia were painted over them!  This is my favourite pink lipstick I own, if you avoid lipstick because your lips dry up then try this!  It is actually brilliant for keeping lips moisturised and I think I read somewhere it has hyralonic acid in it too.

And voila!  I was ready to go out on the razz.  I hope you all will enjoy this mini series and I promise to try and bring you different looks each time.  Thanks for reading!


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