Birchbox November – Reviews

It’s that time of the month again (where I need to sweep last month’s Birchbox reviews under the carpet to make way for the this month’s box which is ALREADY here!)

Oh my goodness so anyway as I mentioned in Birchbox November – First Impressions post I was delighted with this month’s goodies and here’s what I thought of them.


English Laundry Signature For Her:  I was looking forward to trying this perfume, I feel it’s a need for me at the moment to discover more scents as I don’t know many. This one was really lovely, and here I go with my attempt at describing it – it’s a husky (but not too heady) fragrance with good staying power.  A more Western floral type scent than exotic (that ties up well with the name of it..) and I was honestly considering buying it full size until I saw the price of £60.  Better wait until after Christmas…


Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle:  I wasn’t overly excited about this product as I don’t use many ‘leave-in’ conditioners – nevertheless I soon found out that this one packs a punch.  What I mean by this is: YOU ONLY NEED ONE SPRAY (to work in all of your hair) unless you want a flattened by conditioner residue hair look.   So when I calmed down my sprays I did find it left my hair nice, shiny and conditioned, yet still overly so.  However, since going sulphate and silicone free (video to come) I checked the ingredients on the Birchbox website and see it does contain a few silicones.  Sorry Beauty Protector, but you will be binned.


Lord & Berry Mini Bronzer (in Sienna):  I’ve only used this once, I’m sorry to say, but I have slotted in a swatch down below for those who are interested.  The small sample I received is actually smaller than my blusher brush (I don’t have a bronzer brush yet) and so didn’t pick up well to start off with.  I’m not overly amazed, maybe because I’ve not had a wealth of experience with bronzers, but yeah it was okay when I used it (under cheekbones/blush.)



OPI Nail Polish (A Grape Affair!):  THIS is what I was most excited about seeing in my Birchbox – and it did not disappoint!  In fact it confirmed my opinion that OPI is the best polish you can get (screw you Nails Inc) and I just want to add more to my puny collection.  The stupid, pun names for shades doesn’t even put me off, this one is a dark purple (difficult to photograph) and does not chip easily, need I say more?

The gold glitter was added by me and my attempt at nail art..

The gold glitter was added by me and my attempt at nail art..


Dr. Jart + V7 Cleansing Foam:  Another full size product over the price I paid for the entire box!  Another I was looking forward to as well as I religiously cleanse every morning and night.  However, despite being sulphate free it was still slightly ‘drying’ to my face when using it, I’ve never used a foaming cleanser before which could be why. I much preferred the cleanser I have an upcoming post about (stay tuned.)


Drinkwel capsules:  I’ve still not tried these and I’ve had a few big night outs recently!  I have 6 capsules, which you’re supposed to take three in the day, then another three with water before going to bed when you’re back from a night on the tiles.  My hangovers are stronger than a steam roller (which is what I feel has run me over when I wake up with them) so I’m still questionable whether these could touch that.

Anyway, that’s November out of the way and as always feel free to comment your opinions too.

If you are thinking about subscribing up to Birchbox I have a referral code that’ll get us both £5 free to spend in the shop – cheeky plug but you get something too.  If you’re interested I’d greatly appreciate it and all you need to do is click here: 


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