Lipstick Queen – Medieval, Saint and Butterfly Ball


Lipstick Queen is a new discovery for me.  I first heard of the brand in the Sali Hughes Beauty Forum where a few members listed it in their ‘What are your Top 5 Lipsticks‘ thread.  Then, a thread simply titled ‘Lipstick Queen in TK Maxx‘ with over 3 pages of comments had ladies on the forum going mental for it.

And I can see why – usually £22 a pop for a single stick, if you spent £15 in TK Maxx you could get three of them!  I went to TK Maxx that weekend, swooped into the beauty isle and thankfully snatched it up no problem (some ladies on the forum were complaining there were none left in their local branches.)

The three shades in the box were ‘Medieval’, a gorgeous and leaning towards the dark side red, ‘Saint’, a nude but powerful pink and ‘Butterfly Ball’, a dark and moody purple.


But, I had a few shocks with Lipstick Queen.  The first to hit me was the fact all three of these lipsticks were… sheer.  As I applied them I was expecting a block of colour on my lips, but nope, it wasn’t ‘popping’.

I’ll admit initially my thoughts were ‘why is everyone on that forum nuts for a sheer lipstick?!‘, but at the bargain price I bought them for I gave them a chance and grew to love them like all the crazy girls on the thread!

I’ve pretty much worn ‘Medieval’ – the perfect red lip stain I’ve ever come across – nearly everyday since I got it.

Saint is a gorgeous pink sheer to wear to work, out shopping or pretty much anywhere, it’s similarly to the lipstick in my Nude Lipsticks are so underrated post but lovelier and pinker. I’ve worn Butterfly Ball the least, but this is down to wearing the other two non-stop.


The third shock is how moisturising these lipsticks feel, it’s as soft as vaseline but has more colour and staying power than a gloss.  Unfortunately, they are still sheer lipsticks and need to be reapplied every few hours, but if you consider you re-apply this often with lip balm you could easily do a direct swap.

I realise the swatches aren’t too different from one another in the above picture so I have tried to capture the difference in the pictures below.



Medieval - the perfect red stain

Medieval – the perfect red stain

Again, the camera hasn’t really done this product justice, which is really disappointing.  You will have to take mine, and another hundred or so lady’s, word for it.

Originally £40, get down to your local TK Maxx now!!


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