Rimmel London – Scandaleyes Lycra Flex Mascara

This – has been my favourite and go-to mascara for a long time (you may have seen me mention it a few times on here!)

Now that I’ve found it I am struggling to find one better – even a Dior mascara I tried recently didn’t make the grade (review on that to come shortly.)

If volume is what you’re looking for and you have a tenner in your pocket then this is my recommendation.


The brush is quite thick – thick enough that at first I was a bit scared of using it and getting mascara everywhere.  (Thankfully that didn’t happen, but do be careful.)

But what makes this mascara different to the other Scandaleyes collection by Rimmel?  I have tried most of them – first I tried the normal Scandaleyes mascara (which comes in the orange cover.)  I got along with this just fine and was impressed enough to go for the Lycra Flex above (green cover.)

When I came back to England after traveling I went straight to Boots to get a new mascara and was pulled in by the Scandaleyes Rockin’ Curve – which had nothing on volume compared to this.  Click above to see my review on this one.

I can’t speak for Kate Moss’ Rockin’ Curves Scandaleyes, or the Retro Glam Scandaleyes (however, I do want to test them too at one point) but Lyrca Flex has so far been the best and isn’t drying at all when applying.  It also doesn’t ‘stick’ to your eyelash curlers when you’re trying to curl them before a second coat – reducing the risk of plucking out your eyelashes!








I’ll let the above picture do the talking in terms of volume and in terms of longevity I can’t fault it much in this area too.

Unfortunately the curl doesn’t last as long as I’d like, but this could be down to my eyelash curlers to which I need some new ones, Shu Uemura curlers to be exact (I hope they’re worth the hype.)

Regrettably as well it isn’t waterproof and can sometimes smudge (particularly as I wear concealer below my eyes!)

But for a pharmacy (or ‘Drugstore’ to the Americans) mascara, it punches above it’s weight and is my favourite budget mascara yet.


6 thoughts on “Rimmel London – Scandaleyes Lycra Flex Mascara

  1. Ahh until I read the word smudge I was sold! So hard to find a great volumising mascara that doesn’t smudge.. Great post. Can’t believe how big your eyelashes are with that on! X

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