Christmas Nail Art & The Body Shop’s Nail Art Pen!


Hey guys!  So I realise I’m quite late with this post but I really didn’t want to leave it out or skip it.

The reason being is I’m so awful at nail art and I wanted to celebrate my second attempt at it, which was also greatly helped by The Body Shop’s Nail Art Pen (so I can squeeze a review in there too!)

I believe I actually started this blog with a nail art post (which is here if you want to see it, ladybird nails!) so I will keep it to that similar short and sweet format.

I actually painted my nails a day before adding the art, reason being is that I wanted to ensure the nails were completely dry before drawing on them – which can cause scraping and messing up your below paint job if it’s not dry!  (Incredibly annoying so do wait it out.)

And as mentioned, I had picked up this nifty Body Shop Nail Art Pen (shown below), that has two pens either side, one for dot making and the other for stripes.



Needless to say I used the dotted end for my middle finger’s nail – and look how perfect it came out! – then used the striped end for the stripes on my little finger, a wrapped up present for my index finger (made a cross first, then two lines and two smaller circles) and the weird stars for my thumb (the real drawing part.)

I put gold glitter nail varnish on my ring finger and continued to build it up (more than what is shown in the pic above.)

When finished, I locked it all down with a clear top coat.

I couldn’t stop looking at my nails after they were finished!  I was so happy I managed to create it with no mess and received a lot of compliments because of them too, they looked so Christmassy!

To use the Body Shop’s Nail Art Pen you just need a piece of tissue to put a small dollop of nail varnish onto, (don’t go straight into the bottle, this can cause a mess and where the hell would you plan to put your brush whilst doing so?!)

Dip whichever end of the pen you’re using into the nail varnish on the tissue and start painting!

Dots are easy, but when using the stripe end it is different.  Instead of actually ‘drawing’ as if you would with a pen or a pencil to paper, you still dot, or stipple, to certain degree to ensure the nail varnish applies even and no scrapes are created through the middle of the stripe with your pen!

Perhaps a bit tricky to explain, so I do plan on making a video to demonstrate this.  But for now I promised to keep it short; I would recommend the nail art pen for anyone wanting to up their nail art game, I found it easier to use than just painting with the brush from the bottle.

It’s only £5 and I believe it’s on sale at the Body Shop now if you’re interested!  Happy Holidays everyone!

Products used:

Rimmel London – 60 Seconds in Ready, Aim, Paint!

Barry M – Foil Effects Nail Paint in 320 (gold)

Barry M – Glitter Nail Paint in Yellow Topaz

Sally Hansen – Double Duty Base & Top Coat (clear)




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