Make-up Looks – New Year’s Eve House Party with Friends


New Years Eve usually constitutes a special occasion for many, it was a big celebration for me personally for several years.  However, this year I kept it low key and went round a friend’s house for a few drinks.

Despite not ending my 2014 out and about in a big way, I reckon it still constitutes a make up looks post!

I received some Smashbox goodies for Christmas, which will get their full review on my blog eventually, but I started off using the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer which makes a great job of smoothing out the surface of my face!  I also received the Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer which I used here too.

Next stop was my eyes, I tend to do these before my foundation in case any mistakes are made.  I used my Sleek i-Divine Oh So Special eyeshadow palette by applying Gift Basket over the crease and towards my eyebrow bone and then Boxed on my eye lid.  I felt this gave an almost bronzed look, which can be seen more clearly in the picture below.


Next, as usual I created a flick with black gel eye liner with L’Oréal Paris – Super Liner Gel Intenza half way across the eye and out.  (This doesn’t change much whatever make-up look I’m going for, but I am looking for a new gel eye liner soon.)

The mascara I used, which sadly can’t be well seen in the pics I’d taken hastily, was Smashbox’s Full Exposure.  It differs to my love of volumous lashes (shown here in Rimmel London’s Scandaleyes Lycra Flex mascara) and is instead full and fluttery – which I actually love!  It didn’t smudge either, so this gem really deserves it’s own review, to come shortly!


I then used my new Diorskin Star Foundation!  I have thrown away my Clarins Paris Skin Illusion Natural Radiance Foundation – not out of any bad feeling for the product, it’s a great product, but this one had been used for a number of years and needed replacing!  I really love the new Dior foundation, it gives a dewy/glowy finish but also smoothes out my complexion in a medium coverage.

Next I used my new Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain – but only on my cheeks and not my lips!

I want to make this clear because I used Topshop Lip Bullet for my lips, It Takes Two is a goregous orange red that distributes a perfect amount of glitter along with it too.  (Sadly I lost this somewhere between the party and the walk home and I WILL BE replacing it!)

The red cheek stain may be a colour some shy away from, including me, but since I’ve used it I can’t get enough of it and I can’t believe I’ve not worn a red blush before!  It’s really lovely and will get a full review soon too.

The Topshop Lip bullet also has great staying power and not too drying which brings me to the end of giving you the lowdown of what I used to create the above make up look!  Let me know if you enjoy this series, I will try and carry them on with different make up looks and may even start filming a few of them (hopefully on a better camera!)

Thanks for reading.


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