Barry M – Silk Nail Effects


Lately, I’m swaying and becoming more convinced in announcing Barry M as one of the best nail varnishes on the High Street.

I’ve been using up (it’s almost empty) a Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint bottle (Dragon Fruit) ever since I picked it up late last year, and now I’m really loving their Silk effects range.

The first thing I noticed was the two different types of ‘Silk’ paints you can get.

There’s three different matte, yet shimmery, darker colours probably released for the winter season which is nearing an end and was immediately drawn to ‘Poppy’, a dark red pictured below.


I’m refraining to describe the polish as ‘glittery‘ because it doesn’t apply the same as glitter polish would and has an opaque finish, even from the first coat.

It’s also not a total nightmare to remove like glitter can be, instead it quietly glistens and isn’t too dazzling.

The other six shades are all pastels, which still apply as a matte and have an incredibly smooth finish I was really impressed with!


Above, is after just one coat of ‘Blossom’ and made me contemplate whether to apply another, I was already quite pleased with the pretty subtlety already.

But of course my own curiosity got the better of me – and it’s a good thing it did for the purposes of this review!  Below is after two coats and really shows its smooth, silky and 3D finish.


As with most Barry M’s I’ve tried, it’s not prone to chips and is a total bargain at £3.99!  A touch of Spring is closer than we think…


2 thoughts on “Barry M – Silk Nail Effects

  1. I love the Silk range! They look a bit different without the effort of nail art & the baby blue is so Spring-y 🙂 Never tried Blossom though, that’s a really lovely shade.

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