Illamasqua – Nail Varnish


I’ve tried to review this nail varnish a few times already, before things have seamlessly ended in disaster;  I didn’t leave enough drying time and smudged the varnish horrendously by either reaching for something in my bag, or trying to clumsily put shoes on.  I really needed to give this nail a fair chance before I could make my mind up.

So, after carefully painting my nails for the third time, I allowed two Game of Thrones episodes worth of drying time, not moving a muscle.

And they dried succesfully – huzzah!  (But not without one little disaster on the way – I accidently knocked the bottle over and spilt the nail varnish on my bed sheets.  Looking on the bright side however, this pale yellow colour named ‘Load’ isn’t the worse colour to try and get out in the wash…)

Illamasqua is the most watery nail varnish I have tried to date, which can make it hard to work with.  A less is more approach will definitely lower the chances of making a mess (explaining my previous mishaps.)


The first coat can apply quite streaky, the second evens this out somewhat, but upon post-dry inspection I can still see a few streaks – the woes of a nail addict perfectionist!  I tried to pick this up on a closer picture (below), but as you can see from the picture above, this isn’t necessarily noticeable unless someone were to look at your nails right up close, and who does that?  (Okay, there’s a few..)

The finish is nice and gloss-like and although all nail paints benefit from a top coat, I felt Illamasqua really needed one in particular.

For a polish which is usually £14.50 – I paid a reduced £3.95 from picking it up in TK Maxx – I’m not completely blown away.

However, when I slowed down, took my time and left plenty of drying time I did begin to appreciate this varnish a bit more.  I’d buy other funkier Illamasqua nail varnishes if I spot any in TK Maxx again, but at full price, I’d rather spend the money on an OPI instead.



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