Caudalie Vinosource – Overnight Recovery Oil


Ever since purchasing and loving The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Serum-in-Oil last summer, my eyes (or mostly my face) have really opened to how good oil actually is for skin.

The Body Shop’s serum-in-oil was great for replenishing hydration back into my face overnight, but when Sali Hughes recommended the Caudalie Overnight Recovery Oil I knew it was next on my list.

At £26, I know a whole £13 above the previous, I had a voucher to use up and I was feeling impulsive – luckily, this product did not let me down!

The supple and smoothness of my skin in the morning now, compared to the results the Vitamin E oil gave, is no contest.  When I wake up my skin feels rejuvenated with a capital R, then every other letter a capital too; like R-EJUVENATED!  And after applying my usual serum then moisturiser, my skin doesn’t clench up and dry when applying powder foundation.  Seriously.  It’s so goood.

My sensitive skin is not one bit upset and I feel the direction of applying 6 drops, instead of a measly 2 like the Body Shop prescribes, distributes the product more evenly around your face, which soaks up quickly, doesn’t leave an uncomfortable residue and makes me feel more naturally gorgeous.  I love it!


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